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A new tool quickly made on my spare time for walls creation.
special options : offset to put different walls together ; you can create a wall following a spline ; random fonctions to randomise bricks ; random colors in a multisubobject.
you can keep all the bricks separate (for exemple to simulate physics destructions) or collapse your wall in one mesh.
You also can use boolean to create holes or windows.

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Random Length

Hi there! I played with the script on 3ds max 2014 and wondered why I couldn't set Random Length parameter lower than 0,5...
Btw great job!

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Hi guys, I would just like to

Hi guys, I would just like to say thank you for sharing this post. I would say that you have done a great job. Keep it up. Cheers.

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Seems like a great script

But how can i get it working in Max 2014?

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Hi, seeing as this is an encrypted script. Is there any way you can make this have a toolbar? Thanks. Good script.

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unfortunately maxscript is not multithreaded, if you want to, you have to translate your tool in C++, and I don't know how to code in C++.

What I recommand is to create your patern on a low number of bricks and test the parameters with this low number, and only when you have what you want, you increase the number of bricks

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Really cool script.
But when I try to build a tower,
take a circle -> convert to editable spline.

And I try to make some definition (like lenght count: 180 and height 100).
Max just freeze.
I don't know if it's possible to optimize for multi threading. It would be easier to generate the big walls.

Otherwise I will just wait my computer to finish the job :).
Thanks again for the script !

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Such a great and useful tool

Such a great and useful tool in terms of making wall designs. I'm looking for this kind of idea for my programming interface, it's quite harder but challenging.

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shingle wall


Unfortunately this one is not designed to do that, and I don't think
it's really a wall feature, but it really looks like random roof tiles, because each part is on top of the previous line but also front of it.
If I have time to do a roof tiles tool I'll add this feature.

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great!!! Thanks a lot.

great!!! Thanks a lot.

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great script, thanks!
for the next project I have to make a shingle wall... and I don't know how should make them... is something like this possible with this script? if not, is it possible to implement this?


best regards

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