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Miled Rizk

In this video, I will present you with a new plugin I created that converts unique object/objects into instances of a selected source object.

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turntoinstance.mcr4.53 KB


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The geometry jumping issue

I fixed my geometry jumping by going to the "Hierarchy tab," selecting "Affect Object Only," then clicking "Center to Pivot," then "Align to Pivot." This caused everything to snap back to its original location. Good luck!

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Category of Script

In case somebody needs to know under which category you can find the script, It is under "Miri Tools" category.

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Hi, Well about the jumping to


Well about the jumping to the same place,
One of the scenarios for that is when you import some models into 3DS Max,
And they all share the same pivot point position, then you decide to turn them into instances. What you can do in these situations is to use the Pivot tool in the hierarchy
panel to align the pivots to the center of all objects, for example, then, with all of them selected, use the Reset XForm and try the script.

But the second issue, which is they are not turning into instances, this is strange,
I'm still using 3DS Max 2018. I don't know if it's related to the version.

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hello, this isn't working for

hello, this isn't working for me in Max 2020.What it does is the following: it places and aligns all of the selected objects to the target object. The objects are all geometrically identical but are oriented in different directions. If I alter one of the objects' geometry, it will not place it on top of the target objects. No instances are created at the end of the process, instead you are left with all of the selected objects placed at the same coordinates and overlapping one another.

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instances rotation

Hi, I'm facing the same issue with orientation coordinates,
I found a dirty solution, but it's working for me.

you may try to play with the hierarchy tool in the main toolbar, when the instancing is done, all instances remains selected, then, in hierarchy, in adjust pivot, select "affect object only" then in alignment, select "center to object" and maybe "align to object", depend of the case, and the alignment must be ok.

Hope it can help you.

By the way, thank to Miledrizk for his script, it's usefull.

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Thanks! :)

Thanks, Glad you liked it! :))

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Hello! Your script is good,

Hello! Your script is good, thanks!

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Hi, Thank you for the


Thank you for the comment,

I believe it's not possible to track the orientation data after the XFrom

Is applied, that data is already lost, and the local axis is, again, parallel

To the home axis. So, when applying the script, 3DS Max doesn't rotate the target

Objects, for Max this is how the source object looks like originally. No rotation

Is taken place anyway.

For the other suggestion, if I understood right, after choosing many objects that are not

From the same type, you want me to add an option that asks the user what type

Of a source object he/she likes to choose, based on the various typs chosen, right?

As you may noticed in the video, the script will only affect the target objects that

Match the source object's type. But, maybe i understood wrong the suggestion.

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Nice Tool !

Your script is very useful, i encounter a problem though, but i wonder if your script could have an option for this ?
I'm trying to instance some meshes that have lost their local coordinates (reset XForm). Because of that when i execute your script it perfectly instance them but it rotates all of them according to to base mesh selected … I would like the instances to not rotate, if that is possible ? maybe via an option ?
Another suggestion if i may, could you add a hint while you execute the script that you have to select the base object of a category to run it ?

Thanks a lot for your work !

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