Align Pivot to Direction

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 Align Pivot to DIrection(vector) allows you to align the X, Y,Z or XYZ axis of the local pivot of each of the selected objects to the direction(vector), defined by two picked in the scene points. SNAP will be turned ON automatically.  If the Shift key is down when the axis is choosen the pivot will be moved to the first picked point.

Version 1.1 should works properly with Pen(tablets).

Version 1.2 - Align To XYZ axis added. You should pick 6 points to define the three axes. Points 1 and 2 define the X axis, points 3 and 4 define the Y axis, points 5 and 6 define the Z axis

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3dsMax 9 +
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miauualignpivottodiection_10.ms2.91 KB
miauualignpivottodiection_11.ms3.35 KB
miauualignpivottodiection_12.ms6.89 KB


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issue confirmed

Hi miauu, thanks for the awesome script first of all.

Unfortunatly, i also often run into the issue "appius" already reported (that the geo moves slightly, when only the pivot should change). I can not confirm that applying Xform does change this.

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Use the script to orient the pivot of the object.
Then, go to any suobject level, set Reference Coordiante System to PARENT and all subobjects elements will use the object's pivot.

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great tool!

wow this is musthave tool, but it would be great to apply object pivot to all sub-objects. is it possible to implement?

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THis should not happen, but I can't reproduce the error.
Next time when this happen can you check if the object is scaled before to use the script?

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thaks for the nice script.
sometime, using the script make the object rotating itself instead of rotating the pivot. I have to solve it by applying a reset xform first...

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You mean Max 2016 SP1. Can you send me the object to [email protected]?

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Script not executing

Maya 2016 SP1
I've executed the script and assigned a keybind.
I select my mesh - a box - and click my keybind > Align Z axis
Result: My mesh becomes skewed/deformed

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Similarly to the present

Similarly to the present script:
I'd select the modifier's Gizmo, then invoke script, select axis etc.
but XYZ turned to UVW.

Not not exactly but close:
(the texture's U axis get aligned to the edge (blue one))

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How exactly you want to use it with UVW Modifier?

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If only this script could

If only this script could work with UVW modifier's gizmo!

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