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Average Normals is a MAXScript that averages all the vertex normals for each selected faces, so they all point the same direction.


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To use the script, you have to select all faces on which you want to flatten the normals and run the script

V2 with a simplified version of my script with the code of Barigazy

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3ds Max 9 - 2015


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Needs improvement

Works well on a cube, but not so well on everything else... I was hopping to find a faster script than GetVertNormalsFromFace from here: http://wiki.polycount.com/wiki/VertexNormal#SetNormals_MAXScript

but I think I'll stick with GetVertNormalsFromFace.

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max 2016

Not sure if I am doing it right, but I select all polygons, apply the tool.
Nothing changes when looking at edit normals, everything stays exactly as it was.
(max 2016)

What might I do wrong?

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My PC hangs when i use this

My PC hangs when i use this script.
It's strange.

max x64 2014
amd phenom x6
win7 x64
16 gb ram

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Simplified version. Select faces of object and run this code

if selection.count != 0 do
	obj = selection[1]
	_faces = if obj.modifiers.count == 0 then getFaceSelection obj else
		if matchPattern obj.modifiers[1].name pattern:"*Mesh*" or \
		matchPattern obj.modifiers[1].name pattern:"*Poly*" do getFaceSelection obj obj.modifiers[1]
	if not _faces.isEmpty do
		mody = EditNormals name:"AverageNormals" selectBy:3
		addModifier obj mody
		with redraw off for _f in _faces do
			_normals = #{}
			mody.ConvertFaceSelection #{_f} _normals
			mody.Reset selection:_normals node:obj
			mody.SetSelection _normals
			mody.Average selection:_normals node:obj
	) ; collapseStack obj


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max 2011 x64

script not works :(

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How to use?

Hi, could someone tell me how to use this script please?

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Sounds good, but (am sorry to

Sounds good, but (am sorry to say that)... its not working for me, nothing changed... is this happen only to me? (Max2009)

nm, I have no time right now to check out the code, I'll post my version too.

[EDIT] opss, I think I found the problem (in my usage). If I select all faces - I end with nothing. Nice script though, thanks! I uploaded my version here anyway.


my recent MAXScripts RSS (archive here)

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very nice thanks zoffty

very nice
thanks zoffty

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The simple is the best! Nice

The simple is the best!
Nice script, work well as described!
Good Work mate.

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