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Lorne Brooks

A companion interface for use alongside Biped. PDF guide below and accessible in the About rollout.

Features include:
- Supports multiple Bipeds in the same scene (picked via a dropdown list)
- Limited selection
- Hiding/Unhiding Biped
- Trajectory toggling
- Key all, key selected, delete all keys, and delete frame keys
- Setting TCB continuity values on a selection at the current slider time, or over the full time range (if keys exist)
- Adding or modifying limb Body/Object spaces (set Free or Planted keys)
- Toggle limb spaces
- Store all limb space settings and load them back again
- Pose Grabber; for saving and reloading a single pose
- Create a single semi-opaque snapshot of all skinned meshes stored in a specified scene layer for posing reference, based on the current slider time.
- Key baking features...
- Bip root baking using either direct linkage to an animated object, or to an object using Link Constraint to a target object
- Baking of limbs between first and last sliding keys
- Baking of a selected limb up to the next sliding key (from the slider time)
- Baking of a selected limb up to the last sliding key (from the slider time)
- PDF features guide in the About rollout


Also available without buttom images.




Version 2.0
- Added a new button "Key Selected Biped Parts". Adds keys to all selected biped parts at the current slider time.
- Added an alternative version of the script without button images. The 3dsmax 2017 UI does messy things to them.

Version 1.9
- Bake Animation Keys now refreshes the UI in the case of the root being a <deleted scene node>.
- Trajectories Toggle now force switches to the motion panel before toggling the trajectories mode.
- Baking up to next and last modes now allows any part of a limb to be selected, not just the hands or feet.
- Added options to enable a single pose to be grabbed then applied without using the Biped collections panel. It saves the pose to a file for storage.
- Delete Frame Keys can now remove keys on all Biped parts at the current slider time, by holding Shift or Control when clicking the button.
- Added a select Both Hands & Feet button to the Selection/Display/Keys rollout.
- Updated PDF guide.

Version 1.8
- Fixed global variable usage which caused the functions key all and delete all keys to not work (finally).
- Changed interface references of IK to be Body/Object space instead, to more accurately reflect their purpose.
- Added a Delete Frame Keys button, which deletes all keys on selected Biped parts based on the slider time.
- Added new button images, tooltips and rearranged some UI elements.
- Improved code for baking animation keys.
- Added a PDF guide and button link to the UI (in the About rollout).
- The previous dialog version of this tool is no longer supported. "Compact" reference removed.

Version 1.7
- Converted the dialog interface into a more compact floater with collaspable rollouts (as an alternative install).
- Added functionality to enable user specified snapshots scene layer.

Version 1.6
- Fixed global variable usage which caused the functions key all and delete all keys to not work.

Version 1.5
- While using the Shift or Control method for setting TCB linear or smooth values across the time range, if the Escape key is pressed the operation will now stop.

Version 1.4
- Contact email changed.

Version 1.3;
- When selecting from the dropdown list of multiple Bipeds, you can now hold Shift to also select the Biped root or hold Control to select the whole rig.

Version 1.2;
- Fixed the snapshot functionality. Do longer selects anything which means it works for frozen objects in Max 2015. Also, now handles multiple skin meshes in the Mesh Character layer. Only Skin meshes are snapshot.

Version 1.1;
- Added a dropdown list to enable selection of a Biped for the panel to operate on in the case of multiple Bipeds.

Version 1.0;
- First release.

Additional Info: 

The script can be found in category “LB Tools”.


Drag the MZP file into your Max viewport.

Files will be copied to...




Version Requirement: 
3dsmax 2008-2017
lbtools_biped_helper.pdf616.67 KB
lbtools_biped_helper.mzp637.02 KB
lbtools_biped_helper_noimages.mzp594.03 KB


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ramin92003's picture

awesome script

I was wondering, it is possible for you to guide me how to extract biped rotation for each part.

this is my code but but the rotations dosen't correct.

if checkboxRotation.checked == true then
curRots = parseRotationsAnimated readerPoint
rotationZChannelString = rotationZChannelString + returnText + " " + currentFrameText + " " +(curRots[1] as string)
rotationXChannelString = rotationXChannelString + returnText + " " + currentFrameText + " " +(curRots[2] as string)
rotationYChannelString = rotationYChannelString + returnText + " " + currentFrameText + " " +(curRots[3] as string)

C_Man777's picture

Yes I can confirm works fine

Yes I can confirm works fine in Max 2016. Dragging the .mzp didn't work the first time, but I just repeated it and the drag worked the second time for whatever reason. Thanks again for the useful script. It is definitely helping my workflow as I block scenes with multiple biped characters.

lbrooks's picture

Re: Biped Helper minor error to report

Good catch, thanks. I've updated the installer.

Yes, it should work fine in 2016 - tested using service pack 2.

In 2016 - Drag and dropping the MZP doesn't work for me. You may need to run the script from the utility panel.

Lorne Brooks

C_Man777's picture

Biped Helper minor error to report

Thanks for the useful script. Apaprently the current version of the script does not copy the image file, "LBTools_PDF_Image.bmp" to the usericons directory and the script throws up an error message. I did fix it simply by creating a pdf icon and placing it in the correct directory with the name, "LBTools_PDF_Image.bmp". Not a big deal, but thought that you might like to know.

By the way, does this work in Max 2016?

lbrooks's picture

Re: Nice script. Adding scroll


I've added a floater version which can be installed along side the full height dialog.

Lorne Brooks

jintat87's picture

Nice script. Adding scroll

Nice script. Adding scroll would be nice. Unable to access the expanded menu. Thank you :)

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