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Shawn Olson

Brushify is a new scripted modifier that will let you clean up geometry to export as a brush (world geometry) for the Source Game Engine. Primarily, this modifier is for Wall Worm users who are making levels for the Source Engine inside 3ds Max.

With this modifier you can quickly:

• Snap All Vertices to the World Grid
• Cap Holes
• Set Cap Material ID
• Turn Concave Polys to Convex Polys (if they are Quad Polys)
• Weld Vertices
• Break Non-Planar Polygons
• Smooth by threshold

Additional Info: 

Unlike the other Wall Worm modifier for SnapVertsToGrid, this modifier can be instanced across multiple objects.

While this plugin cleans up a large percentage of geometric flaws for brush objects, it does not necessarily make every piece of geometry a valid brush or collection of brushes.

This plugin only works in 3ds Max 2016 Extension 1 / SP2 or later. You must have Extension 1 or SP2 installed to use this plugin!


Version 1.17

  • Optimized functions requiring face evaluation (Turn Concave Polygons and Cap). Generally faster now. Even faster yet in 3ds Max 2018.2.
  • Fixed MAXScript error with some kinds of meshes.
  • Minor UI cleanup (spelling errors, alignment).

Version 1.16

  • Added a collapse polygons by Material ID field. All polygons with IDs in the list will be collapsed. Helpful for reducing the number of brush sides.

Version 1.15

  • Added a new checkbox to Delete Isolated Vertices. This will delete any vertex from the incoming mesh that is not used in any faces. The deletion happens before any other calculation in the modifier.

Version 1.11

  • Added a Clean and Collapse utility in the Utility rollout. Runs Reset XForm, Collapse to Editable Poly and runs Remove Isolated Edge Vertices if Wall Worm's Carver tools are installed. This is helpful to clean unwanted vertices that can be generated if using Slice Planes.

Version 1.1

  • Added Slice Planes.
  • Added Utilities Rollout with a Cap and Turn To Poly function for objects using slice planes.
Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2016 SP2+
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lightcube's picture

Correct: Brushify fixes

Correct: Brushify fixes convexity of triangulation (on quads only) but will not break up geometry into separate valid brushes (except in cases where each element of the incoming mesh represents a brush).

If you have complex objects that need to be converted to brush geometry, your best current options are ShellVex and possibly V-HACD (which is included in the Wall Worm Model Tools download and can be run with the Hull Helper window). However, your mileage with either is going to vary depending on the source geometry and what you are trying to accomplish.

In all cases, the more brush-ready your geometry starts with, the better.


Shawn Olson

Developer of Wall Worm

dimwalker's picture

Is it correct that script

Is it correct that script will only preserve convexity via triangulation?

I'm looking for a tool that can break complex concave mesh into convex pieces (to use as brush-model in quake maps) and wondered if Brushify can help me with this.

lightcube's picture

Posted a video. Mainly I made

Posted a video. Mainly I made this modifier to quickly validate world geometry for the Source Engine, but it could be useful in other cases too.


Shawn Olson

Developer of Wall Worm

JokerMartini's picture

video please!

video please!

John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

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