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Camera Mixer v0.1  Camera Mixer  is a real-time sequence editing tool.

It allows you to start editing draft sequences without starting any heavy film editing software.

Features :

- Real time playing
- File Open/Save
- Export the mix to 3dsmax’s batch renderer
- Save a preview of the whole mix
 - Usual UI controls : snap, delete/repace, mute/solo, move track up/down

There's a builded version now ! You can find it here :

Additional Info: 

To run the Camera Mixer you need :

- Python
- Pywin32
- wxWidgets for python

Planned features for v0.2:

- Make the worksheet scalable
- Export to an After FX composition
- Manage background image sequences

Version Requirement: 
Other Software Required: 
Python, Pywin32, wxWidgets for python


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MrPingouin's picture

I'd say that python+wxWidgets

I'd say that python+wxWidgets is equivalent to what dotnet can offer.

A true object-oriented language, builtin functionnalities for arrays/hash, xml, sql, threads and stuffs, that's for the python part.

The wx part brings you custom widgets to make better UIs.

titane357's picture

this script is something that

this script is something that AD should have done for years :-)
I don't try it, I would like to know what python can make that maxscript or dotnet can't. No offense, just to know what the limitations are.
Thanks a lot.

MrPingouin's picture

Hello, You're right, that'd


You're right, that'd be a good thing, it's less easy to run than a classical mxs or plugin.
I'll work on it this week-end, stay tuned.

Matyrix's picture

It seems really useful and

It seems really useful and interesting script, but i will wait for the full --automate install- version to try it.

MrPingouin's picture

you have to install wxwidgets for python

this is good news, it means that python works :)
now you have to install wxWidgets for your python version
I'm replying from my phone so it's quite difficult to write, try to google it, I'll be able to write an installation procedure tonight only

tassel's picture

Hi, I have never used Python


I have never used Python in my entire life before so.....
This script seems to be very nice and I would like to test it out, but I do not know in essence whats going on when I try to get it started.

--- Copy / Paste ---

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "\\***MYCOMPUTER***\CameraMixer_v0.1\", line 4, in
import wx
ImportError: No module named wx

--- End Copy / Paste ---

Raymond H.Ingebretsen -

MrPingouin's picture

Installation procedure


Here are the files I've installed to develop the tool :

- Python 2 (I tried on 2.6 and 2.7, the following filenames are according to 2.7)
- pywin32-216.win32-py2.7.exe
- wxPython2.8-win32-unicode-

And in the project's README, you can see that you need to run the file tools/ from 3dsmax before being able to use the mixer.

tigre_g5's picture

I´m Happy

Awesome, but please make a instalation guide for dummies, because i don´t know,if I need pyton 2 or 3 for install this baby.

malucow's picture

Awesome, this will be very

Awesome, this will be very usefull. Keep the good work.

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