Camera Resolution Mod

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Vladislav Bodyul

The modifier will allow you to set the resolution of the render separately for each camera.

Additional Info: 

Changing the resolution will occur whenever you select a camera or change the viewport window to the camera.

Lite Version:

  • Does not have custom presets



  • Added buttons for dividing / multiplying resolutions by 2.
  • Added button "Swap WH".
  • Added checkbox "Transform Lock".


  • Added option "Active Camera" in the update settings.
  • Fixed bug with the addition of presets in older versions of 3ds max.
  • Fixed bug where the resolution in the Render Setup window was not updated after changing the parameters or applying the preset.


  • Fixed bug with resolution setting when the aspect ratio is on.


  • First version.
Version Requirement: 
3ds max 2010 - 2020
Video URL: 
cameraresolutionmod_v1.07_lite.zip8.5 KB


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tahir1983's picture

not fully functional

Hello ! Unfortunatelly it doesnt work properly in batch render via backburner!

BodyulCG's picture

Please write, does this

Please write, does this always happen? Did you test it on other cameras, for example Physical Camera?
If possible, duplicate your answer to 'contact (at)'

Visuali Studio's picture

Error on Max closing

I'm trying the last lite version but when I close 3ds this error appears

MAXScript Callback script Exception
-- Runtime error: Attempt to access deleted modifier

I've never seen it before and it pops up on closing only if the modifier was applied to a camera in the scene.
P.S. I'm using 3dsMax 2020 and Corona Cameras

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My Macros was not Working Properly sorry for that , Now its Fixed .

- Drop the Mzp file to Viewport or run it from Scripting Menu , it will Remove the Old one Automatically .

- it will Show when you Select Camera and rightclick .

Apply Camera Resolution Modifier.mzp 1.46 KB
BodyulCG's picture


Thank you all!

This is a 3ds max bug. Just try adding any other modifier like Attribute Holder and the 3ds max will freeze. Also very similar bug appeared in 3ds max 2020. If you turn on "Auto Vertical Tilt Correction" in the physical camera and add any modifier, 3ds max will also freezes. But this bug fixed in 2020.2.

About switching resolution, this is a limitation of 3ds max. Keep the render settings window closed.
Here in the beginning it is written about this: Render Setup Dialog

Yes that's right. If you select the camera with the modifier, the resolution from selected camera will be applied to the render settings in 3ds max, and this change will be displayed in all viewports.

zrK's picture


Hi, first of all, many thanks for your usefull script, it's very promising !
I'm facing some issues though, will you please plan to fix those ?
As cmjohncheng already stated, i have also the problem with lens shitft, stopping the vray rendering and freezing 3ds max then.
Besides that, i have a few issues where the resolution does'nt switch correctly, while the render settings windows is opened.
Selecting different cameras in other viewports changes the resolution / ratio of the camera viewport !


titane357's picture

Thanks ! well done script,

Thanks ! well done script, very usefull :-)

obaida's picture


its useful script but its little confusing if not applied to all Cameras ; so i made this small macros for applying the modifier to all cameras . *it will be add automatically to (Quad Menu 4)

fael097's picture

website offline

his website is offline, I wanted the full version. how to do so?

Ngariv's picture

Batch render?

Thanks a lot for the mod. It works great for me, and I was looking forwards for something like it.
Would it be possible to make it compatible with batch render? When I make a batch render, all the cameras are rendered with the same resolution (the same than the last camera selected)
Thanks a lot again.

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