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I made this tool to help me quickly crack up an object while maintaining material ids and uvs for the outside surface and inner fractures. it simply creates a series of planes with noise and probooleans them from the object. works pretty well, though i did add a backup button for incase a bad boolean operation happens.

Limitations include: this tool only works on one piece of geometry at a time.

usage: open clavertech-crack and click "pick object" and then pick the object u want to crack (alternatively u could select the object in the scene and press the "$" button to grab currently selected node), then either click "Generate Cracks" or click "New Rotations". (note: the tool works better if the object is not currently selected while adjusting the following parameters)Number of Cracks will determine the number of planes used for boolean operations, Thickness will determine the shell on each plane, Noise size controls the size of the noise fractal(like in the Noise Modifier),Noise Strength controls the Zoffset of the plane, and Segments controls the rez of the noise.

once ur happy with the settings, click "Crack it". if the result is undesired click the button below the "BackUp Object" label near the top.

hope this is helpful to more than just me.

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Yes, Everything seems to

Yes, Everything seems to function fine until i get to the last step. That is , I am able to define the object to crack with the $ or the "pick Object" button. I am able to define number of crack and the thickness. I am able add and define noise and segments and even rotations. I am able to generate cracks but only when I click the "Crack It" button do I get the error.
Also, apparently the proboolean plugin is not available for download. I cannot seem to find it anywhere. If You know where I can get it that would be cool. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to consider my problem. I guess Im out of luck on this one.

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waxmodeler... thanks for the

waxmodeler... thanks for the error report. that seems very strange... it seems like the proboolean is the root of the problem, maybe its called something else, or if memory serves me right... i dont think proboolean was apart of max until 2009 version, try downloading the proboolean plugin for max8. hopefully it has the same function names as the new 2010 version.

also do any of the other buttons have problems?

im curious now if this is workin on anyones machine? anyone?

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I don't know if this will

I don't know if this will help, but this is what the listener shows when I try to run this on Max 8:
-- Error occurred in btnCrackIt.pressed(); filename: C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\3dsMax8\userscripts\ClaverTech-Crack.mcr; position: 9550
-- Frame:
-- ProBoolean: undefined
-- allFaces: undefined
-- myFace: undefined
-- obj: undefined
-- mat: undefined
-- emesh: undefined
-- myElementList: undefined
-- newMesh: undefined
-- myEl: undefined
>> MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception: -- Unknown property: "CreateBooleanObjects" in undefined <<

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That would be great if it

That would be great if it would work on max 8. Thanks for your consideration. Thanks again.

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I made this on 3ds Max

I made this on 3ds Max 2010..I didn't know that it wouldn't work in version 8. I'll look into it. I'm not sure I could make this into a modifier, nor do I have the knowledge for making custom modifiers. There are some occasional bugs with the material ids that I have noticed also.

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excellent idea !!!

excellent idea !!!

jerome Prévost (Subburb)

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I have problems with this

I have problems with this script using Max 8. Is it supposed to function in Max 8? Sure would be nice.

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very useful

very useful please make this as an modifier like slice mod and we will be more happy :)


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