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This tool is derivated from EchOoo and Multimesher,

I have it since I released these two tools and use it a lot in production, so I think it’s gonna be useful for you.

It’s very helpful to combine multiple animated meshes into one, without loosing their animations and deformations.

Features :

- pick multiple source objects, it’ll combine them in a new mesh

- you can replace the sources by a replacer object, the replacer will get the transforms of the sources.

you have 6 Retime functions

  • Copy : takes the exact source (or replacer) animation
  • Delay : you can Delay the animation
  • Playback Graph : like in the point cache you can animate a time value to Retime the Sources Animation, slowdown or speed up…etc
  • Position XYZ : Delay animation by axis position.
  • Point Distance : Delay animation by a point distance 
  • Spline Distance : Delay animation by Spline proximity A random value which works on top of it. 

- Cache tools to easily point cache the result.

Version Requirement: 
3dsmax 2010 to 2016
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