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Mass Randomizer

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Mass Randomizer 1.9

The ability to Randomize

Key Transfer

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Delete Spline outline edge

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This Script Delete the two segments after applying the outline command

Version : 1.2.0

Please make sure there is no modifiers used while using this script Run script or drag and drop to 3ds max, then go to customize user interface and assign it as a keyboard shortcut or as a quad menu under "safadi_tools" Category

Spread Objects

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This script provides a way to spread the positions of a selection of objects using either applied values, or interactively using sliders. The selection of objects can also be offset quickly to complement the spreading functionality.



- Allows both spreading of a selection or offsetting in any axis. Both spread and offset have a sensitivity setting to control the amount of effect the sliders have.

- Each axis is treated separately and can be set using either spinner values or sliders.


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This tool is derivated from EchOoo and Multimesher,

I have it since I released these two tools and use it a lot in production, so I think it’s gonna be useful for you.

It’s very helpful to combine multiple animated meshes into one, without loosing their animations and deformations.

Features :

EchOoo PRO

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This tool is inspired from tools you can find in 2D animation softwares, like the Onion Layers in Flash or the Echo effect in After Effects. It's a new max object where you can pick different sources and offset their time animation, but alsodivide this time offset by the number of source copies you want. Creating nice animated duplication effects, for motion graphics or simply to check your animation without using trajectories.


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Offset the keyframes of all selected objects.

Offset all keyframes or just the selected keyframes

Maxwell Camera Offset

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Update 1.1: Added exposre dialog for adjusting parameters without changing camera exposure, and support for render regions in the offset viewport.

I have a new script that displays the Maxwell camera offset in the viewport. You can switch it on and see a masked region of the viewport (make sure safe frames are turned on) and move the camera, pan, zoom, etc. with it on.

offset ui preview

Point Cache Lag Tool

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Created by Chad Ashley and Tim Little

Working with hundreds of rippling objects that carry complex modifier stacks can be slow. Why not point cache the first object and then simply offset the timing of the rest? This small script was developed during internal animation tests at Digital Kitchen to expedite the creation of time-delayed animations.

Create an object and apply a point cache modifier to it.
Duplicate that object around your scene

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