DebrisMaker2 - Procedural geometry creation tool

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Aaron Dabelow

The DebrisMaker2 is a free procedural geometry creation tool for 3ds Max, that lets you quickly create objects for your 3D scenes. With the DebrisMaker2 you can create brick, corrugated metal, crystals, gemstones, snowflakes, grass, gravel, leaves, logs, splinters, meteors, obsidian, pigeons, planks, twigs, river stones, sandstone, shrapnel and slate. You can input parameters to customize the style of your debris. 

UPDATE!  8-12-2014 : Network friendly deployment added. ( Follow the readme for instructions on how to have multiple computers use the same script, without having to install it on all of your managed workstations.



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debrismaker2.0.mzp588.4 KB
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This is one of the best one click script. Thanks man for this script.


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Amazing script. I love the high quality of the objects that are being created!
As a request I would really like to see a roof_tile module that makes broken roof tiles. Different types like clay and wood, some of them broken that adds extra flair.

Also cool would be if it were possible to pick a custom object and apply some of the deformations to it, I don't know how your script works internally but I suspect you are using proboolean and subtracting shelled meshes with noise applied(at least with the brick modules). Or how is that done?

Anyways amazing job!

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Great Script!

thanks for it, i'll use it and if someone asks, i'll tell them I made it.

All your scriptz are belong to me!

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just a miracle


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Awesome contribution!

I have had viewed script spot almost since it started but never felt the need until now to sign up and comment for such a useful script.

Really simple idea VERY well executed and probably a lot of coding. Hence as soon I use this in a paying job how can I donate to your work ;-)

1. A suggestion would be a few different kinds of birds like geese,ducks,crows or even sparrows.

2. Glass fragments from shatterproof glass and non shatterproof.
3. Pavers
4. Leaves
5. Insects that swarm, locusts, butterflies

Just some ideas

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Ha, Thanks for the

Ha, Thanks for the collection!

I actually have 2 of those images in my references folder. Both of the concrete with re-bar images. I have some progress on that module, but I didn't think it would be worth releasing, and I intend on rebuilding it.

I also like the water droplets! I had a suggestion for a 'bubbles' module as well. I wonder if I could combine both of those together....

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We'll see if v3.0 can ;)

We'll see if v3.0 can ;)

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Very useful script ! I really hope to see more presets especially the water drops/Condensation on surface mode like for crystals, it will be my favorite one !

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more debri type

nice script , i can see its use, what about earth(not a planet) i mean dirt , sand , mud, etc that can be animated(pushed it) when an object touch it(or collide it),i mean accumulation of dirt. another good thing would be to add more option for the many types of debris you already have, like scatter on a surface , none all the types has that , or group then as garbage accumulation or omething like that, nice script keep the fine job

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Shocked! O__O Very, very cool

Shocked! O__O Very, very cool script! Suggestion: roof and floor tiles =) Also an easy way to generate floor by spline as an outline

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