DebrisMaker2 - Procedural geometry creation tool

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Aaron Dabelow

The DebrisMaker2 is a free procedural geometry creation tool for 3ds Max, that lets you quickly create objects for your 3D scenes. With the DebrisMaker2 you can create brick, corrugated metal, crystals, gemstones, snowflakes, grass, gravel, leaves, logs, splinters, meteors, obsidian, pigeons, planks, twigs, river stones, sandstone, shrapnel and slate. You can input parameters to customize the style of your debris. 

UPDATE!  8-12-2014 : Network friendly deployment added. ( Follow the readme for instructions on how to have multiple computers use the same script, without having to install it on all of your managed workstations.



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Gyu's picture

Very Nice

So cool I want your script i imagine all is possible for create a great environments.

NicolasC's picture

Seems great !

Thanks a lot for sharing :)


mikeone's picture

Useful script

Thank you! And happy Holidays! ;)

Salentofano's picture


Thanks !

Loving perspectives

ermak's picture

This is very cool!!!

Hi Aaron! please tell me how can I implement a link to the website from my script via the button ? Thanks in advance for your answer.

artrager's picture

Much Appreciated!

Thank you so much for creating and sharing these wonderful tools. I certainly will get a lot of use of of them. A huge help to me. So amazing! And great tutorials on YouTube as well!

themaxxer's picture

can you also make a "swimming

can you also make a "swimming fish" module? :)
I would need this for an aquarium scene...

thanks for your great work.

best regards

KenTanker0us's picture

Wonderful work

and free too? Yuda man. Whatever you're eating, keep it up.

"Tuesday is Soylent Green Day."

cecofuli's picture

2015 Installation problem =(

Unfortunately, I'm not able to install the script. Look at the screenshot.

SOLVED: Manually I copied the three directory in C:\3ds max 2015. But, in this way, I hade the same error. So I copied the Script directory also in C:\...2015\64bit\ENU\script. Now it works. But I'm not sure this is the bast solution...

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Smallpoly's picture

Oh, wow. This is amazing.

Oh, wow. This is amazing.

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