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Script requires installed FloorGenerator

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FloorGenerator 3dsMax Plugin


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Thankyou!! yep i have

Thankyou!! yep i have floorgenerator lite installed it works well so it may not have problems with your plugin, sure if im having problem´s with it i will contact you.

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They should

I didn't test 2020 floorgenerator but it should work.
You need floorgenerator plugin for 2020 of course. They released it.

We did some tests of DropToSlate in 2020, it was good.

Actually all scripts should work fine in 2020 and if you'll have some problems I will try to solve them, and refund if I fail :)

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Does it work on

Hi NiK684 i like what your scripts do alottime saving, considering buying them does your scrpits work for 3ds max 2020, also DropToSlate and RealWorld Resizer ?.

Thank you!!

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For those who compares Floorgenerator plugin and FloorGen Tools

It's not about Floorgenerator vs this script

Floorgenerator is a cool plugin and this script is a helper for it, a booster, with additional features that Floorgenerator doesn't have because of its modifier nature.

Try to create tiles on things like stairs or walls with free Floorgenerator version and you'll understand the reason I developed this script.

Free version is absolutely the same as paid, except of more patterns. So you can test how this modifier behaves on walls. And it's not a fault because it's a... floor generator, not walls or tiles generator :)

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Thanks NiK684, I missed that

Thanks NiK684,
I missed that it required floorgenerator.


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Please read script requirements

This script requires installed floorgenerator plugin actually. Floorgenerator cant create tiles on multiple surfaces in one click. So download free floorgenerator version and try it.
Paid version is just more patterns.

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No I haven't tried the

No I haven't tried the script. I looked at the video and saw there weren't many patterns.
So without having to buy it to see what it has, I would like to know up front.
Since I'm trying to decide between this and cgsource floor generator.


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This is gorgeous!

Thank you for saving a lot of time!
For one click now is done ten times more than before!

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There are many patterns

Did you even try floorgenerator plugin?

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