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Script requires installed FloorGenerator

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FloorGenerator 3dsMax Plugin


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hqdetails Maintenance

Sorry to admit it, but my website hqdetails.com is not working good right now.

All new customers welcome to gumroad page where you can buy this script without issues.

All customers who bought this script earlier can email me [email protected] and I will send them 1.0.2 update for free.

I'm working on this problem but can't tell when it will be fixed.

NiK684's picture

No way for now

I don't have trial or demo version because it can be more difficult than script itself :) So I recorded every functions to gifs. What exactly do you want to know before buy it?

jsrocha's picture

test version

Hi, the script looks awesome. Is there a way to try it before buy?

NiK684's picture

Orders email

Some people are complaining that they didn't recieve email with download link.

If you have some issues with order emails check Spam folder please.
Also you can download script from your account on hqdetails.com if you have this account.
If you didn't find any emails or links then email me to [email protected] and I will send you script manually.

Sorry for these difficulties.

Nir sullam's picture


Thanks !

NiK684's picture

Sorry for this issue but I

Sorry for this issue but I didn't find your email because it was in spam folder.
Sent you script 1 min ago

And system tells me that order was "Paid on January 30, 2019"

Nir sullam's picture

Bought this script - haven't got it !

It's been 3 days since I paid the man but haven't got any reply or email.


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Yes, i thought so. Since i use Max 2012, and there is no new, modifier based Floor Generator for that version (it's 2013-2019), i guess it wouldn't be possible to use this. Thank you.

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Older floorgenerator

Older floorgenerator that was a script but not plugin?
It makes no sence because FG Tools creates floorgen instance modifiers and old floorgen is not modifier.

igamaximus's picture

Max versions and Floor Generator version

Supported Max versions and Floor Generator version? Does it work with Max 2012 and older Floor Generator version?

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