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Script requires installed FloorGenerator

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FloorGenerator 3dsMax Plugin


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nice !

thankyou - I love this little booster for FloorGenerator :)
(shame the original developers don't do this kind of thing though.....)

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Main problem with this task

Main problem with this task is to find these "problem" corners.
It's not diffucult in this particular situation, but there could be many different cases when finding corners is much more harder. I mean that it's hard to write reliable algorythm for this.
I can't promise that I will implement such feature, but I promise that I'll think about it.

Right now you can easily move this edges in base object by hands.

ereju's picture

overlap corners


i purchased the script. it is awesome

How can i overlap corners? imagine a box with no space between the surfaces of the box, like an entire row hugs every surface around the box without gaps?

Thank you

box_corner.png 22.48 KB
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[1.0.6] – 2019.03

New. Select parents (rightclick on Select)
New. Flip base object normals

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[1.0.5] – 2019.03

Fix. MinRowOffset error in old FloorGenerator versions

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What version of FloorGenerator?

Sorry, my bad. Didn't check this option in old FloorGenerator plugins. Fixed in 1.0.5
Email me if you can't update.

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Hi Nik, how are you?
i bought the script a few minuts ago, but it does not work. All i got is this message - http://prntscr.com/mrya4v
Can you please help me?


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[1.0.4] – 2019.02

Fix. Offset with Mirror issues.

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hqdetails Maintenance

Sorry to admit it, but my website hqdetails.com is not working good right now.

All new customers welcome to gumroad page where you can buy this script without issues.

All customers who bought this script earlier can email me [email protected] and I will send them 1.0.2 update for free.

I'm working on this problem but can't tell when it will be fixed.

NiK684's picture

No way for now

I don't have trial or demo version because it can be more difficult than script itself :) So I recorded every functions to gifs. What exactly do you want to know before buy it?

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