Fume & Flow Floater

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John Rand

Fume & Flow Floater
This floater is a way to hopefully unclutter the workflow with Particle Flow, Space Warps, and FumeFX. It is designed so you can work in expert mode to free up some screen space. It has just about all you need to work with pflow and fume. The script contains a large and small version. The large is nice when you've got a nice 20"+ inch monitor the "mini" is better for smaller screen sizes.
Regular Size: Mini Dialog:

Toggles Rollout:

Most are recognizable. They also have right-click options.

The toggles are:

The Teapot = Quick Render / Right-Click Render Dialog
Particle Flow View / Right-Click Enviroment Dialog
FumeFX Dialog
Layer Manager
Material Editor
Modify Panel Toggle / Right-Click Track View

Quick Pick Rollout:

You can check the types of object you wish to be listed in the drop-down. Objects listed in the drop-down can then be clicked and the object will be selected. The limitation is only one object can be selected at a time using this.
Note: this only exist in the regular size floater, the mini floater accesses another script (see bottom of post)

FumeFX Objects Rollout:

The FumeFX objects rollout contains all of the FumeFX objects that ship with Fume.
The are in order the Grid, Simple Source, Object Source, Particle Source, and the Gravity Vector.
Note: these icons are now accessible through the customize interface dialog under the FumeFlow category.

Forces & Deflectors Rollout:

The forces and deflectors rollout contains the most common forces and deflectors used with particle flow.

They are in the order
Row one: Gravity, Wind, Vortex, Drag , and Motor
Row two: Push, Deflector, Spherical Deflector, Universal Deflector , and UOmniFlect

Playback Controls:

Standard max playback controls the play/pause button has right-click access to theTime Configuration dialog
Auto Key - standard max auto key function or animate on/off
Sync2Time will syncronize FumeFX playback and sim fields to that of the current Time Configuration.

The mini dialog has access to the FX object selector, which is a little more robust than the rollout version. It has a few more selection types available. Works a bit faster than the new Select By Name dialog. Another plus is it sees ALL the pflow helpers added to a scene, where as none of the other built in tools do. Helps clean up pflow if you need or have issues.


Additional Info: 

Due to the way max handles checkbuttons and hard-coded dialogs the toggles will not return to the unchecked position when closing the dialog with the "x" button. It does not affect any of the functionality. I am unaware of how to code a fix. If anyone knows how to fix this issue, please drop me a note. Thanks :)

Version Requirement: 
Max 8 - 2009 32 & 64 bit
Other Software Required: 
FumeFX 1.x
Video URL: 


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you made this as

you made this as well?

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

(script is fantastic btw ^_^)

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wow.. good , thanks

wow.. good , thanks

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