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New  v1.36.00 Pro
- added support for new Color space type "Auto" in VRayBitmap (VRay 5.2)
- added support for RGB Primaries in VRayBitmap and VRayColor (VRay 5)
- added support for other maps with gamma settings  ColorMap, VRayColor etc.

This is script to change bitmap load gamma in whole scene or selected Bitmaps.
It can change gamma in all / selected bitmaps (now filtered by selected objects).

It helps to switch gamma in Normal Bump to prevent VRay render crash
( when merged models came with automatic gamma in Normal Map)

Normal Bump for VRay Render should be Override 1.0
VRay Normal Map -
recomended - Override 1.0
Corona Normal Bump - recomended - Automatic

Apply by
Object selection - All, Selected only
Bitmap type - AllNormal Bump, VRay Normal Bump or Corona Normal Bump only
Change All / Selected Custom input gamma works in max 2014 and up.

It is recomended to change gamma only for Basic Bitmap Image types:  ".bmp",".gif",".ifl",".jpg",".jpe",".jpeg",".png",".tga",".vda",".icb",".vst",".tif",".tiff"
New version has option to change gamma in other file types but without custom settings (exposure, layers etc in .psd .exr)
Please use it carefully !

Full version:
Full version with Maps Listener + real time update for Show selectied  (objects or materials).

It shows Maps with Slots and Classes where they are located

v1.36.00 Pro
- added support for VRayBitmap's Color space transfer function in VRay 5.2.0 (additional type 'Auto')
- fixed: set ListView colors on first start (base on 3ds max theme)

v1.35.00 Pro
- fixed changing Inverse gamma value in VRayBitmap / VRayHDRI

 v1.34.00 Pro
- added support for RGB Primaries in:
   - VRay Bitmap
   - VRay Color
- added support for other maps with gamma settings:
   - Color Map
   - VRay Color
   - Corona Color Correct
   - Arnold Color Correct
- UI changes:
  - auto hide / unhide setting groups (in right panel) - depends if map exists in scene / material editor
  - auto increase window height - if needed for setting groups

 v1.33.00 Pro
 - added support for:
    - VRay Bitmap (VRay 5)
    - RedShift RS_Bitmap
    - Octane RGB_Image
    - Arnold Image
 - added Settings to customize listview font and colors (dark and light theme
 - set VRayHDRI/VRayBitmap and Arnold Image Color Space moved to main UI
 - UI changes:
   - new custom controls (EditText, Spinner, ComboBox)
   - added arrow to show sorted column and sort order
   - changed columns style for darker theme
   - settings: added row height option (in addition to font height)

 v1.32 Pro
  - Filter by selected Objects or Materials (from material editors)
  - Change VRayHDRI Gamma
  - Save settings: location, size, filters

 v1.30 Pro
  - Bitmaps Listener
  - instance info
  - location info (Class, Slot, Name, Class above, Slot above, Name Above)
  - automatic filtering from selected objects
  - automatic filering by Bump Type
  - change gamma in selected only
  - sort list by column
  - comes with installation package and toolbar icon

Free version:
Install favorite scripts (just drag and drop to max window)
Add icon on toolbar or create shortcut
Create favorite scripts folder structure and copy Gamma Organizer there
More info about Favorite Scripts :

Free Lite vesion download available here:
Gamma Organizer Lite (

Full Pro version available on my web:
Gamma Organizer Pro (

Let me know what you think. or if you have more suggestions ? Which slots should be on the list to override gamma ?

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 2014 and up.


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pixamoon's picture

Re: Corona Normal Map


I did a quick test with the new Corona and can't find any problem with recognizing maps.

Could you send me some scene to test it. Best to [email protected]
Let me know which maps are not recognized by Gamma Organizer and which version of Gamma organizer do you use.


pixamoon's picture

Re: Corona Normal Map

Yes, will add support for new Corona version


ChuckRT's picture

Delete this

sorry it post again

ChuckRT's picture

Corona Normal Map (lite version)

Hi there, I love this script, in recent versions I think that Corona changed the structure name for many maps, the script cant recognize any Normal map, hope there is a posibbility to change this.

titane357's picture

Nice script !

Very well designed and easy to use !
Works nice and fast !

pixamoon's picture

Re: RGB primaries to VrayBitmap

Yes, this is already on list to do nd will be added in next update.


todor's picture

nice script !

nice script !

d1myan's picture

RGB primaries to VrayBitmap

Please add "RGB primaries" to VrayBitmap/VRayHDRI and to Vray Color Map.

nnq2603's picture

Strange thing happened with path of bitmap (Lite version)?

Problem: I use this Gamma script for Populate people in 3ds max.

After I user Gamma Organizer (Lite) apply Override all selected bitmaps to 1, the paths were changed to local sub-folder in my PC. Before that I have all path (assets path) all set to server network shared folder.

If I run your Gamma script, get all the paths changed, I'd again set all changed path to network location. But after setpath, all bitmap input-gamma came back to Automatic. If I go a step further and apply override to 1 again, the path all change to local folder again... That's a loop, can't find work around this for render scene in backburner (wrong path make populate people display white without any texture).

So it's by design in Lite version or something wrong going on here?

nnq2603's picture

Thanks Pixamoon for Lite/free version of this tool

Gamma set override bitmaps works very well. Thanks a lot Pixamoon. Great works. More often than not, when I search for something, that script already wrote by Pixamoon. Quanity or scripts from your desk is high, so is the quality!

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