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Leslie Van den Broeck



03/31 Update2: Added a Nodialog option that uses the last settings . Enable by shift+clicking the grabviewport button

03/31: Fixed camera Deletion with zdepth and fixed version check in some places

01/20: Fixed attempting to acces deleted scene object error

01/15: Fixed scenes folder undefined error

01/14: Fixed pre max 2010 error message

01/07: Fixed "Active Time Range" Png alpha animation bug

01/06: Fixed Ratio Bug

01/04: Added Alpha for PNG Animation


Grabviewport is a FREE MaxScript that enables you to take High Resolution Screenshots of your 3ds Max Viewport. It also offers you the options to capture animations as well as multiple passes that can later be used for compositing your final presentation image.

grabviewport2.mcr52.73 KB


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milie's picture

Unknown property: "setwindowpos"

Hey, for some time now i recieve this error when running for the script for the first time and hit "Save":

>> MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception:
-- Unknown property: "setwindowpos" in dotNetClass:System.Reflection.Assembly <<

Then, the MXS windows opens up the script, i evaluate the script and from there on it works flawlessly for the current opened session of 3dsmax. If i restart 3dsmax, the script breaks again.

This doesn't happen in Nitrous, just in OGL and Direct3D...

Anybody dealt with this?

onitreb's picture

Changes viewport to "consistent colors" after each grab

This script is very useful. Thank you.

One problem I have is after I use the script, it changes my viewport to consistent colors. It'd be very awesome if it didn't!


Marcowhich's picture

Uninstaling the script

Thanks for script.
I tried using it to capture a 100 frame animation as a test, but the output file will not open.
By the way, how can I remove the script from 3dMax.

jamoka's picture


Very usefull.


titane357's picture

Thanks for your script !

Thanks for your script ! really usefull :-)

harumscarum's picture

some more suggestion

1. presets are really useful, but is it possible to make script remember screenshot path for max file?
2. please add 1 second delay when Realistic mode is enabled (it will cause less noise on image)


ravenslayer's picture

tnx for the bugreport, i

tnx for the bugreport and suggestion, i found the problem (float to integer convertion always outputted one as ratio)
You can download the adjusted script above :)

I'll also make a no dialog version this weekend!

harumscarum's picture

i attached illustration for clarity

most of toolbars are hidden

and little suggestion - since script saves its last settings would be great to have separate macroscript which will run script with last settings without interface

thank you very much for efforts)

screenshot.png 72.39 KB
ravenslayer's picture

i think i just found what

i think i just found what causes this, do you have the ribbon or maybe another toolbar docket to the left side of your screen?

harumscarum's picture

i use max2012x64

i use max2012x64 and as soon as try to change resolution manually even for 1 pixel - height and width appears equal. if i enable crop - viewport keep original viewport dimensions with empty area from the right-top

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