GrabViewport 2.1

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Leslie Van den Broeck


2.1 Changes:
- Now properly includes alpha masks from Xoliul, 3point shaders and standard material into the Alpha and all other passes
- Hides the World Axis icon from the viewport (max 2008 and higher only)
- Added directory selection and filename in the UI
- Saves settings to ini file and loads them the next time the script opens

Save High Resolution Viewport Captures

Alpha: Saves alphas from the viewport to the alpha channel of the baseimage
Color: Assigns random colors to all objects and saves the separate pass
SSAO: Saves a separate Screen Space Ambient Occlusion Pass
Wire : Saves a separate Wire Pass
Z-Depth: Control the Zdepth range and save it as a separate pass (first increase the end untill all is visible and then tweak the begin parameter)

ColorMask, AOMask, WireMask: save a separate image or avi file to the same directory as the basefile (filename_passname.ext) AlphaMask : includes an alphamask in the viewportcapture alpha channel or saves out a separate avi file for the animation.

Tested in 3ds max 9, 2010 , 2011, 2012 (DIRECT3D)




Drag Grabviewport2.mcr into your viewport or go to maxscript ->Run Script. Now go to Customize->Customize User Interface. Toolbars->Category->Grabviewport2 and drag the Grabviewport button into your UI or bind a key to it. Special thanks to : Borislav Petrov (MaxScript reference), Kostadin Kotev (miauu )for the Alpha Masking technique



Version Requirement: 
3ds max 9 and up


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harumscarum's picture

my problem fixed

yeah i'm one of those who delete AutoCamMax in order to get rid of viewcube.

and here i have some more suggestions:

1. forced expert mode (for better image proportions)
2. disable image frame buffer on capture
3. automatic filenames "customprefix_date_time.png"(would be useful for dialogless mode)

Thank you for efforts! best screenshot tool for max

ravenslayer's picture


tnx for the suggestion

about your problem, that is very odd because the viewcube has been inside 3ds max since 2009
What version of max are you running? is it 32 or 64 bit? design or the standard?

harumscarum's picture

great script!

must be great tool - i was always needed bigger resolution screenshots
but for me it doesn't work under 2011 and 2012 (image attached)

and one suggestion - would be great to be able to assign individual shortcut to run script without dialog (with last settings applied)

Thank you!

untitled-1.png 31.62 KB
ravenslayer's picture

tnx for the suggestions. The

tnx for the suggestions.

The disabled OSD already happens for max 2010 and up but the function doesn't work for earlier versions. Perhaps i can find another way for earlier versions.

beter AA is something you'd have to achieve by taking bigger screenshots and scaling them down i'm afraid. I've searched for ways to set AA for max but only found some external applications from nvidia and ati that would allow this.

Viewport background isn't a problem so i'll add it in the next version

for future updates i'm also planning on having the option to make the script automatically load the screenshots and all passes into photoshop with the right blending modes etc...

other suggestions are always welcome

rs3d's picture

More options :)

Excellent, thank you!

Would be nice to have some more options, for example
Viewport Background Color, Disable OSD, Force Viewport
Anti-Aliasing, etc...

ravenslayer's picture

Ambient Occlusion error

Hey there rs3d

I updated the script and it should be working fine now
I forgot to add some colons at a multiline if statement

and tnx glad it's useful to you :)

rs3d's picture

Ambient Occlusion error

Ambient Occlusion error message in 2008 even though the
option is blacked out in the script's UI... And thanks
for this useful script :)

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