Helix with Bezier Handles

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Vojtech Cada

Just like the regular helix only with four bezier handles per turn (or more if you would like - you can control that with the Steps spinner) instead of 40 corner-points of the default Helix shape.

Additional Info: 

Installation: Copy the .ms file to your scripts\startup folder or run as a script if you want to try it out first. The object primitive will be available under Shapes -> Examples dropdown menu in the Create panel (see picture above).

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2016 SP2.1
simpleHelix.ms3.05 KB


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The easiest way is to collapse the offending scene nodes, you could do that by running this snippet:

helixInstances = getClassInstances simpleHelix
helixNodes = #()
for h in helixInstances do join helixNodes (refs.dependentNodes h)
for obj in helixNodes do if obj.modifiers.count > 0 then maxOps.collapseNode obj on else convertToSplineShape obj
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I love this script, but how

I love this script, but how do I uninstall it!?

I need to send something to a render farm and it's causing an error.

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wow I needed this

so after 5 years autodesk still hasn't added interpolation to the helix, and I actually nedeed this option a lot today.. thanks man

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classID collision

to fix this issue you can changed the third row of the script for example to:
classID:#(0x2820e52d, 0x26a359F1)
There is collision with classID of the script pulleybelt.ms

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inner radius

liking this one a lot but it would be even better with the option to set the inner/outer radius(tapering)

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Hi Sword, i also have error

Hi Sword, i also have error during max startup:

"-- Compile error: Plug-in class already present in MAX simpleHelix"

MAX version: 2016 SP2

And sorry what you mean about version number "SP2.1", if i not wrong te latest max release is just SP2 (released Nov 27 2015), or you mean something other ?

In any case thank you for very good scripts.

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Only 3ds Max 2016 SP2.1+

Look at the version requirement, before this version there was no way to make new scripted shape primitives, you could only extend existing ones (i.e. only access and modify the parameters they expose).

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i get the following error

-- Unknownd property: "bezierKnot" is undefined

i also had to change the header a little to make it start

plugin shape simpleHelix
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Thanks, I needed this option many times

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very nice

very useful scripted object. i made a change to it so it appears in the splines category for my own usage

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