L Pass Manager

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Lukas Lepicovsky

L Pass Manager is a pass manager I created for (3ds Max 9 SP2 and above) as a personal maxscript project. It was primarily inspired by Vanilla Pass Manager, RPManager and XSI's Pass Mananger. To learn its capabilities and how to install it, please check out the Video Tutorial

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Additional Info: 

L Pass Mananger Features

--All the following can be controlled per pass!

[] Unlimitted number of object Sets (Controlled by a picker, named selection set, layer group, or wildcard)
-renderable override
-cast shadows override
-receive shadows override
-visible to camera override
-Visible to reflect/refract override
-motion blur override
-apply atmosphereics override
-render Occluded objects override
-material override
-support for particle flow

[] Unlimitted number of light Sets (Controlled by a picker, named selection set, layer group, or wildcard)
-On/Off override
-cast shadows override
-Color override

[] Common Properties Override
--Frame range
--Common properties options(Atmospherics, Effects, ..., Super Black)
--Advanced Lighting
--File Type
--Pre Script
--Post Scriot

[] Renderer override (Scanline, Mental Ray, Vray and other 3rd party)
--Override all settings of the renderer(Antialising filters, GI settings, enviroment maps etc)
--Uses standard 3ds max menu

[] BackGround Override
--Background Color / Map
--Global Lighting (tint/Level)

[] Render Elements Override
--Choice of which render elements are active

[] Atmospheres Override
--Choice of which Atmostpheres are active

[] Effects Override
--Choice of which effects are active

Additional Features

-Load / Save Presets (Installs with a quick Ambient occlusion preset, and a quick object mask preset)
-Pass per light -(Automatically generates a pass per light)
-Pass per layer -(Automatically generates a pass per layer)
-Network rendering using backburner
-Colored Object Sets(For view which objects belong to the which group)
-Hide non renderable(Ability to hide object sets that are set to not renderable)
-Copy and Paste/Paste for all properties



Be sure to check the website for latest updates!

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 9.0 SP2 and Up


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4strings4ever's picture

Now it works!!!


little update on my part .... it now works, i created a pool call 3dsmax in deadline and now i can launch render ... i did have a pool that was named max2013 but it looks like the pool name is critical ;)

thanks for your help and great tool!!!

4strings4ever's picture

Thanks ... but ..


thanks for the reply, unfortunetly i had allready tried it before posting and it dosen't work for me .. i removed the previously installed ms file and copied the new one, then restarted max .. and still can't get the submit button to work ... do i have to setup deadline in any kind of way when i install LPM or does it pickup settings by itself? sadly it dosen't give out an error so i can't explain this reaction.


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@4strings4ever Try solution from this...

Try solution from this thread, it may works for you too.

Royal Ghost | veda3d.com

4strings4ever's picture

Max2013 and deadline 6


i just tried out LPM and i have to say it looks very promissing. The problem i have right now is sending passes to render on our network via Deadline 6.0, the submit button becomes ''inactive'' when the priority slider appears ... any idea how to fix this?

running LPM v1.096 Pro on win7, 3ds Max2013 pu6 and Thinkbox Deadline 6.0


Royal Ghost's picture

@Mike Kennedy I just tested

@Mike Kennedy
I just tested LPM with BB and all works as expected (max2013,2014). So maybe its problem in your config of BB.

Royal Ghost | veda3d.com

mike_kennedy's picture

Network rendering Error

LPM sudden stopped working for network rendering for us, using both Max 2012 and Max 2014

When I go to the network render submit dialogue box and hit connect I get an Unknown error and it highlights this line in the script window that pops up:

Line 161: servers = mmBackburner.GetServers()

I have attached an image of the error state I see on screen.

Cheers Mike K

error_lpm_feb14.jpg 1.16 MB

Mike Kennedy

raistlin's picture

Incredible problem with LPM and rendering...

Hi, does someone has encountered a problem with a file size? I've found a problem on a scene that i haven't seen and it persist since the 4 or 5 project i do last time : (First I'm working on 3dsmax 2012 X64 and Vista 64)
Each time i launch a render with LPM the file grow... Yes, i do absolutly nothing, i've just clic on the networ button and the file grow for 20 mo... My optimised scene is 35mo, and the problme was point out when i've to open the file and see that it's a 250mo file... Everything is proxy or Xref and the geometry is really on survey....
I'm absolutly affirmative, the problem is on LPM layers... I've isolated themm, there is aonly a dummy on some of them, with some informations, and the layers size approach the 27 mo... Juste after 2 render launch... I've absolutly erase everything but the LPM layers...

Please help me to uderstand, i've merged and recompose everything, delete the LPM.ini, uninstal LPM, Reinstall... Erase my LPM preferences, re-create LPM hierarchy on the scene...

i'm thinking about an interaction with some plugin or update... But i can't understand and so, found a way to solve the problem...

Thx in advance...

Life is a dangerous experiment where no one has yet come out alive

Royal Ghost's picture


3ds max 2014 only!

- fixed modifyObjectOperator to work in max2014


- Extract archive to 3dsmax2014 root folder

lpm_pro_v1.096_max2014_beta1.rar 90.27 KB

Royal Ghost | veda3d.com

Necro's picture

3ds max 2013. Backburner

3ds max 2013. Backburner error - No task metadata found ?

maxx043's picture

Thanks a lot - now it works

Thanks a lot

- now it works

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