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Objects and modifiers defaults

  - New version - save defaults / presets and automatically load them on create object or add modifier
  - up to 8 defaults / presets - just Ctrl, Alt, Shift combination
  - Now also without Ctrl, Alt, Shift

This script saves and loads not accessible Max Defaults. It automaticaly starts with your 3ds Max and works in background.

It saves selected values of modifiers as your defaults / presets and load them while adding new modifier

It can copy / paste modifier properties to other max instance !

You can save up to 8 different presets for each type of Object or Modifier.
To load/save more defaults just hold Ctrl, Alt, Shift combination on save or create

How to do:

To save your defaults:
  - Open Max Defaults - Save script,
  - Select modifier or object
  - Select properties to save (or press button All)
  - to save more presets - hold Ctrl, Alt or Shift combination
  - Press Save button

To load defaults:
  - for more defaults - hold Ctrl, Alt or Shift buttons while adding new modifier or object.

No need to restart max, whatever you save can be used in next modifier. Also in other max instance ! So it can be used to copy paste modifier settings too :)

 - load and save defaults also without holding any button - as 'permament' defaults
 - fixed save larger amout of properties (all VrayCamera settings etc)
 - saves most of properties of modifiers and objects
 - Ctrl, Alt, Shift combinations
 - small help button (top right corner)

This is only beta / testing version:

Let me know what you think.  Any sugestions for next verison ?




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Another suggestion: Saving state of the rollouts in the various modifiers in the command panel. Though I'm not sure this is exposed anywhere.

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ah, no prob,

ok, will take a look on Edit Poly modifier defaults.

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Missed your reply, sorry

Hey, wasn't notified of your reply so mine is a little late. Thanks for answering!

I mistakenly pointed my finger at MaxDefaults regarding slowdowns, it's actually the fault of another #sceneNodeAdded script and likely the fault of my edits to said script ;)
When I leave only MaxDefaults installed, objects are created in a timely manner, so to speak.

Editable Poly defaults would be great! We probably spend most of our time here, eh?

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Hi and thanks,

It should work when creating new objects too - (eg plate or sphere with specific segments count)

How long are the slowdowns on creation ? can you make a gif screenshot ?

You can also choose to use defaults only if object is created with Alt button pressed. (just hold Alt when pressing Save defaults button and hold Alt when creating object or adding modifier)

Editable Poly defaults - I'll take a look on it next days. I'm finishing now a bigger update for Library Track Relink.


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Very useful

Great to set - for instance - the chamfer modifier to more useful defaults.

Two things, I have noticed some slowdown on creating new objects - maybe it'd be a cheap optimization trick to code in settings on whether "Max Defaults" should react just to modifiers added, or new objects as well?
Also, Editable Poly defaults are not applied, ever. But I'm sure that one's a bit trickier to solve.

(Max 2018.1)

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re: Max defaults - bug


Can you explain bit more ?

1. Does it happen when creating / adding new modifier or when saving default ? What is default language of max you use?

2. What kind of modifiers form quad menu ?

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Works in 2017, but with a few

Works in 2017, but with a few bugs that i found:

1. Changes "." to "," (See Weld Threshold value in Symmetry modifier)
2. doesn't work if modifier is applied through quad menu

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hey, cool it works,
But which modifier button do you mean you need to press several times ? Let me know. Will try to fix it.


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Hi, pixamoon. Well, after a

Hi, pixamoon.
Well, after a while the script worked again. In fact, i noticed that sometimes i need to click several times on the modifier button to use the saved settings. It happens in any kind of key, ctrl, shift, etc...
but is working, thanks! ;-)


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re: 2016

Hey, I'm back. I just tried here and it works, also after restarting max session.

Did you save it with Ctrl, Shift or Alt combination or without it ?

Please check if default settings are saved in folder (or if file is created):
C:\Users\...yourUserName...\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2016 - 64bit\ENU\scripts\Pixamoon\MaxDefaults\Modifiers\_Chamfer.ini


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