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Objects and modifiers defaults

  - New version - save defaults / presets and automatically load them on create object or add modifier
  - up to 8 defaults / presets - just Ctrl, Alt, Shift combination
  - Now also without Ctrl, Alt, Shift

This script saves and loads not accessible Max Defaults. It automaticaly starts with your 3ds Max and works in background.

It saves selected values of modifiers as your defaults / presets and load them while adding new modifier

It can copy / paste modifier properties to other max instance !

You can save up to 8 different presets for each type of Object or Modifier.
To load/save more defaults just hold Ctrl, Alt, Shift combination on save or create

How to do:

To save your defaults:
  - Open Max Defaults - Save script,
  - Select modifier or object
  - Select properties to save (or press button All)
  - to save more presets - hold Ctrl, Alt or Shift combination
  - Press Save button

To load defaults:
  - for more defaults - hold Ctrl, Alt or Shift buttons while adding new modifier or object.

No need to restart max, whatever you save can be used in next modifier. Also in other max instance ! So it can be used to copy paste modifier settings too :)

 - load and save defaults also without holding any button - as 'permament' defaults
 - fixed save larger amout of properties (all VrayCamera settings etc)
 - saves most of properties of modifiers and objects
 - Ctrl, Alt, Shift combinations
 - small help button (top right corner)

This is only beta / testing version:

Let me know what you think.  Any sugestions for next verison ?




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oki, thanks, I'll look on all of those. And specially crashes while entering edit poly (but did you mean with open save defaults window or just change modifier to edit poly - on modifier stock)


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Im noticing no slowdowns on

Im noticing no slowdowns on my part.
*Custom names wires would be great.
*Defaults on editable poly/mesh is not working (probably because of the different implimentation)

OOps.. i seem to have spoken too soon. i was having seemingly random crashes while entering edit poly(with defaults) and (rapidly) tapping into subobject mode. traced the cause to this script through elimination. not sure if this effects other modifiers or not.

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thanks :)

Please test it and let me know if all works good, if callbacks don't slow viewport etc.

Maybe is better to not save all properties of each object/modifier.. hmm ?

Do you guys want to have custom names/wirecolors for objects or modifiers too ?


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Gorgeous! Thank you!

Gorgeous! Thank you!

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re: refaults

Thanks :)

Wasn't easy but hope it works finally lol

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The new global defaults are

The new global defaults are so awesome. You just saved me even more time. Much props

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I'll look on it

Thanks, I'll look on missing spline modifiers properties.

To make it permanent, you mean without key combination ? To have it always as default ? I started from this idea, but there were troubles to do that plus I decided to keep original defaults and just make extra as presets...

Also, if you forget to press Ctrl, Alt, Shift on creating you can still paste default / preset by holding key combination and pressing "P" (paste) button, instead of creating new one. ("P" works as load preset than :)

Hope it makes sense :)

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Seems to be working now.

Awesome thanks
Looks like the length, width and Corner Radius parameters are missing from the spline modifiers list of savable properties.
Also any way of changing the default on the modifiers permanently?

Thanks for the swift reply. Great script.

Check out this modifier clipboard script

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new fix v0.52

oki, should be fixed now

still some properties are hidden deeper in the tree,
If you guys find script interesting I'll try to find a way how to save all kind of defaults.

Let me know if it works now.

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