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Bake selected scene objects and export an FBX file which can be loaded into Eyeon Fusion to assist with compositing. Offers greater control and flexibility than the standard FBX exporter.




New Features suggested by Colin James at Blur Studios

  • When baking animation, new key tangents are set to linear. This avoids wonky tangent handles when baking TCB keys.
  • Added Frame Padding Option. User can specify heads and tails to bake object animation beyond the normal Time Range. This helps ensure accurate 3D motion blur in Fusion.
  • General cleanup and pruning of code


  •  Automatically bake all object transformations to ensure a pixel perfect match between Max and Fusion renders.
  •  Bakes procedural animation such as expressions, script controllers, or Out-Of-Range looping
  • Preserve complex camera animation (Camera Target, Camera FOV, Camera Roll, etc.)
  • Export a Child object without including the geometry of its Parent objects.
  • Bake Particle Flow systems and export particles as animated pieces of geometry (Scale, Rotation, and Position)
  • Shift all animation to begin at frame zero (Useful when a Fusion Comp begins at frame zero while the Max scene has longer heads and tails)
  • Automatically interpret and bake Out-Of-Range key methods (such as looping) for position, rotation, and scale of any object
  • Does not currently support deforming meshes
  • Baked PFlow particles do not support visibility changes
  • Baked PFlow particles that are not yet born will sit at (0,0,0)
  • Baked PFlow particles that are dead remain at their last position, rotation and scale. Future version will set particle scale to 0 when they die.

Created for CG Supervisor Chad Ashley to enhance the 3dsMax & Fusion pipeline at Digital Kitchen

Installation: Drag and drop the downloaded MZP file on to an open window of 3ds Max. An installer dialog will open automatically.

Additional Info: 

Unit Conversion (Tested in Fusion 6.4 Build 111):

1 Fusion Unit = 1 3ds Max Unit.

If you create a box in 3ds Max with its dimensions set to 10x10x10 and then import that box into Fusion it will be the same size as a Fusion Shape3D node set to Cube with a size of 10.


A video demonstration and example files will be provided when possible. I appreciate any and all feedback!

Feel free to try some of the Fusion specific scripts I have written:

Other Software Required: 
FBX 2011
tl_maxtofusion1.1_installer.mzp16.19 KB


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3ds max 2014

Don't work :(

johncrawshaw's picture

FOV problems

Hi, I've been trying to get the script working. Unfortunately every time I import it into fusion the scene just doesn't look the same. I'm using a vray camera if this helps?

tlittle's picture

OK, that is actually a

OK, that is actually a feature of the script. MaxToFusion bakes any animation of the camera target into the camera itself, so when the scene is exported to FBX the camera target object becomes unnecessary and is not included. The imported Fusion camera should still match what you see in 3ds Max though. I can add an option to include the baked camera target in the FBX, although it would no longer be able to control the position or orientation of the camera in Fusion without some expression linking between the camera and its target (which might not perfectly match the 3ds Max scene).

pekili's picture

When i export from max there

When i export from max there is no cameras target animation or target object in scene when imported in Fu.

tlittle's picture

Hello Pekili. Can you

Hello Pekili. Can you describe the problem in detail? I just did a quick test with an animated Target Camera and was able to achieve a precise pixel match between 3ds Max and an exported FBX brought into Fusion.

See example video here:

Some helpful tips:
When exporting from 3ds Max, make sure you select the camera and its Target

When importing the FBX into fusion, make sure you sample the animation at the same framerate your 3ds Max scene used

Set your fusion comp's framerate to the framerate of 3ds Max.

Make sure your Render3D node in fusion has the same resolution settings as your 3ds Max scene (640x480, 1920x1080, etc)

pekili's picture

Can you hardcode eporter to

Can you hardcode eporter to fbx2009,i am having problem with target cameras?

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