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You can use this script for free.

May this script will be helpful for you!


Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 9,2008,2009,2010,20xx ...
Other Software Required: 
Some functions need Vray
maxassistant_1_1_free.zip669.1 KB


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links down!

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Hi Script_Butler, I'm sorry

Hi Script_Butler,

I'm sorry to bring you inconvenience. And thank you for your advice. It is a good idea. I will consider it. And now, you can install on another computer. Hoping you have a good expierence when using MaxAssistant.



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Hello, On a different subject


On a different subject but something that would be best sorted out if possible so users can get the most out of the demo............

It's mainly about how the demo works! It uses up one of your 30 uses every time you open Max, so every time my machine crashed and I had to restart Max, I used up one of my 30 uses. I didn't mind this too much to be honest as I got to play around with the script a little bit. But by the end of half a day, I'd used 10 of my 30 uses.

My main issue is I've come back to work after a long weekend off and my machines been rendering some jobs from Backburner of ours and I now can't use the script as it seems every time my machine rendered a job, your script logged that Max had opened and as there were hundreds of frames to render, I now have 0 uses left for your script and I only got to use it for half a day last Friday. That's is a bit poor if you ask me!

People give 30 DAY trials for a reason, I think you should do the same. I am very disappointed at how you've set the trial use up the way you have. As a Max professional, having a script run out after just a day, even with 30 uses, because it's not quite written in a way that users can make the most of it's trial has put me off using it for fear of other annoying hindrances.

It's a very useful script though and you should be commended for writing it, hopefully, if you can implement a trial demo with unlimited uses per day for X amount of days that might make people a bit happier also.




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I don't wish to involve

I don't wish to involve myself into this discussion... so it's just make a guess that probably the people may don't read the license carefully.

    License Benefits:
  • Free technical support service via e-mail.
  • Free minor upgrades.

In this manner (alias "paid support") you can made a money even from scripts that already goes online for free. So (if this is the case) also is better the seller to add more details about the features of supplied support. If you find my point maybe the prise turn out as correct.

Happy Easter!


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Of course, like rappa tool

Of course, like rappa tool do.....I even spread it out in many forum, whatever I do I will promote his script is the best free script I ever use, and it inspire me a lot to make my own script too even he is still 18 or 19 year old, I admire him for dedicating himself for his script .....thank rappy.

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Ok, guys, I don't want to

Ok, guys, I don't want to response more. I wish that, one day if you will use my free scripts and like them, please remember that I am the author.

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fajar : ok, let just say it's

fajar : ok, let just say it's a draw then , I don't feel like debating any longer neiter ...think I have a bad day :-)

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Hi,fajar Thank you very much


Thank you very much for reply. I have been aware of that the price is unreasonable, so please don't talk about the old price, OK? But for free, I can't do this time. For the functions, many of my friends told me that, they can't leave my scripts in their daily works. Their jobs are architectural design and performance.
For the price, I have made a mistake. Will you please forget the old price? BTW, if you don't allow people to make mistake, please go on...


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ahhh...whatever you

ahhh...whatever you said....btw the whom judge its good or not is the audience.....I dont want any debate anylonger since if you won you wont get anything , same as me, just free promo for him....and it'll not change the author of this script decission, just lowering his price.

you think what you think right , and I do it too. OK . so PEACE man.

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I understand that I may seam

I understand that I may seam weird of saying that but that is what I think and I'm not trying to
brainwash you in any way. People from the industries would never get that point for obvious reason :-)

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