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this Script for Measuring the Distance between 2 points (Similar to 3ds Max Measure Distance Tool), But with Projection Distance on X,Y and Z Axis - to exit Script window press Escape . How to Install: Drop it to any 3dsmax viewport or from Scripting menu / run Script you will find it in _My Scripts_ Category. How it Works: this is MacroScript so you need to make shortcut or quad menu or toolbar button to it better to make shortcut to it something like (Alt+M) Execute the macro and pick 2 points .

UPDATE v1.1 :

- Add checkbutton to switch between Lock Max UI or not .

- Switch Snap Mode to 2.5D when 2D Viewport is Active .

UPDATE 1.2 :

- Add 2 Buttons 'Get' and 'Pick' to Measure Distance According to 'Node Transform'

- RightClick on 'Get' or 'Pick' Buttons to Measure Distance on View Coordinate System .

measure_distance-extend_v1.1.mcr3.21 KB
measure_distance-extend_v1.2.mcr5.31 KB


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sorry for that , but the

sorry for that , but the escape is 3dsmax built-in function I don't have control on it , idk what's the problem in your 3dsmax , but anyway press (Unlock UI) button to restore the close button .

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Lock UI & ESC

Escape does not work for me, and if I push "lock UI", the button for closing the window disappears, and the window is not closed until Max is turned off.

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UPDATE 1.1 :

thanks to (Haider of Sweden) for feedback , Script updated as requested .

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i Can check the View if its

i Can check the View if its 2D View then the snap will be 2.5D and if not the snap 3D will be used , i think better than SHIFT Pressing .
- i already Made this button , i'm working on update version and soon will be finished .

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Okay, what you said inspired to some adjustments.

Shift-pressing the macroscript could activate 2d snap instead, and there we solved the 2d part.

As for the escape, what about a pin-icon on the little window. Pressing that one will release the pointer etc, but keep the window. It still need to be movable, so that it won't be in your way. Right click on it will remove it completely.

*crossing fingers* :D

Kind regards

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- I prefer pressing escape button for closing coz its faster but yes keeping the values is good option also
i'll add checkbutton for choosing between this 2 options .
- for the first request i didn't get it, maybe adding forth value for 3d depth as (D:)
(this should be the distance on Screen Axis) .
* a screenshot can help with that, coz the script already getting the 2d values on each axis !, the only deference is the name of the axis
ex. in front view the Z value and Y value are switched .
* if you want to ignore the Depth Value in 2D View (in Distance Value) you can switch the snap to 2.5D Mode

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Thanks, great tool!

Some suggestions:

* 2D-mode (could be another macroscript, ie "measure_distance_2d": to measure without considering the z depth and hence distance in z. If I am unclear, please let me know so I can clarify.

* keep the popup there so that one can continue working and seeing the values. Close with [x] as usual.

Kind regards

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