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Align Objects To Direction (vector)

Align Objects To Direction allows you to align the X, Y or Z axis of each of the selected objects to the direction(vector), defined by two picked in the scene points. SNAP will be turned ON automatically.


A set of functions wrapped into a minimalist single-click button to help 3ds Max and Nuke artists to bring the 3ds Max 3d scene assets into Nuke's powerful 3d compositing scene.

This tool allows:

1) Copy cameras and any other objects (as points) and their animation into clipboard for an easy Copy+Paste action inside Nuke.

2) Generate .chan files from selected cameras and any other objects (as points) and save them either many at once or one at a time to selected destination.


-- Show Bone Axis
-- 2013/03/26 by SaiZyca
--for 3dsmax 2012 (should work above 5 )
--This tool can toggle the display axis for your bone collection.
--main function is based on showBoneAxis by M. Breidt (http://scripts.breidt.net/)


Lets you pick a coordinate system to work in and lock to different axis - dialog box closes after picking your choice... nothing fancy just a little tool that I wrote for a friend.


Simple tool inspired in Maya LRA that able users to quickly ajust any node(s) pivot(s) orientation.


The macroscript is meant to do a lightwave inspired axis constraint via
mouse movement. When the script is activated it will lock axis to the
closest major axis when starting a mouse drag (ie when you
move/non-uniform scale an object). idea by Paul Greveson. That way you
can quickly move stuff along major axis without having to use the

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