Milyan's object cleaner

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Note: Tested in 3ds Max 2015.

This is something I have been making and expanding while working on different projects and having usual stuff to do that require repeating tasks, many clicks, and work on many objects at once.

Script is divided in 4 sections:

Section 1:
For cleaning up the scene: scaling objects based on their size, renaming them, checking if object has xform errors, correcting, collapsing modifiers, centering pivots of multiple objects at once etc...

Section 2:
Switching materials on multiple objects. Works with 3 types of materials. Standard, Arch and design, VrayMtl.

For example: If you have Standard and Arch and design materials in your scene on objects, and you want to switch them all to be Vraymtl. Also it will transfer diffuse, gloss, and normal maps and will rename them based on objects names.

Section 3:
Fun way of arranging objects positions, based on their size and also has a regular re positioning objects based on X,Y,Z values entered.

Section 4:
Export all objects in 3 formats (obj,fbx,max). Select what you want to export, choose a location, hit export and it will take every single object in selection, reset its position to 0,0,0, individually export in format you have chosen, and position your object back to its original position. Usually when exporting to game engines with requirements to have all objects positions reset to 0,0,0.

It is in .ms format so just run the script as usual.
Attached are also Instructions and how to install (run).

Have been correcting bugs so far that I have found. Sorry if the code is somewhat messy. It works for me on 3ds Max 2015. Can't claim that it will work on different versions of Max.

Send me email with comments, thanks.

Hope you will find it useful.

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3ds Max 2015