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Universal Select By

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Copy file to to C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 20**\scripts\Startup\
And drop to viewport
If suddenly there is such a situation that in the scene there are objects with the same name, with this script the selected object will change the name to a unique name with increment.
Another situation: After 3d scanning an iPhone received objects have the same name mesh and just so import several files in a row is not possible, you have to change the name. This script solves this problem.

Quick Selection

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Quick Selection is a handy utility that provides several methods for selecting and managing objects within the scene, including the following:

  • Selection by Category
  • Selection by Stored Objects
  • Selection by Selection Sets (independent of any Max file)
  • Selection by Pathname literals (stored in a text file)

See online guide in links section. 

Names Fixer

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A Script for Replacing Chinese and illegal Characters from (Objects-Materials-Maps-Modifiers-layers) Names .

PS: Undo Disabled , So its Better to Save your Work Before Running the Script .

For Replacing Texture Names you can use Pop Chinese Script

UPDATE 1.1 :

  • Change the script name to "Names Fixer"  .
  • Add Fix for Names Sequences , ("Group464134564" will be fixed to normal sequence "Group023")

Interactive Universal Renamer

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NEW VERSION: Asset Paths + Sorting + Filtering + Multiselection

Make sure to select items in the list to see the renaming preview and do the actual renaming!

Name Checker

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This script check duplication of name in Objects, Materials, Effects, and Atmosphere. This script can check with ignore case. If ignore case mode is on, checked as " A and a is same" Because 3dsmax often ignores case of name.

Name checker UI image, name duplication check tool for 3dsmax.


Print BoundingBox and Obj Name

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This script prints in .txt or excel format the BoundingBox of selected objects or groups of objects.

Script required by Jake2806 (http://www.scriptspot.com/forums/3ds-max/scripts-wanted/export-dimensions-to-txt)

Milyan's object cleaner

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Select Object By Material Name

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Select Object By Name

Select Objects By Material Name


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INSTALL: drop file to viewport and copy this file in "Startup" folder of Max

Установка: Перетащить *.ms во въюпорт и скопировать этот файл в папку макса "Startup"

Actions are stored in Category: "Niklit Scripts"

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