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Mathieson Facer

This is a tool I put together because sometimes you have to work with modifiers on multiple nodes and the modifiers aren't at the very top of the stack. You’re constantly having to select the node and then selecting the proper modifier. Prime example of this is when you have a turbosmooths on top of all of your geometry while you are either skinning or modelling. It would be much easier, and save quite a bit of time, if every time you selected a node you just automatically were on the skin modifier or edit poly modifier.

Enter this tool! This is exactly what we have here. This tools works off of modifier class and also has an option for checking the modifier’s name using a “Has string” search. Baseobject has also been added to the modifier list, so you can automatically go right to the bottom of the stack.

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Made and tested in 3ds Max 2010, but should work with previous versions as well.
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Script crashes max

Im using max 2013. when i run the modifier auto select script it seems fine until i select an object the has uv map. I get i an error saying stack is dependent on the order of modifiers (something like that). The issue is it crashes max and i have to reopen it. Is there a fix for this by any chance.

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Thanks for the searching

hey thanks for the searching, it should be updated.

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Found the script!

After some searching, I finally found the script! Here's the actual link: 

I have also attached the .mzp file. 


facerfx_modifierautoselect.mzp 6.19 KB
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Could you fix the broken

Could you fix the broken link. Thanks!

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download link not working...

download link not working...

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Great script

.. took me a while, but I felt I needed to thank you for this script. Couldn't work without it.

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On Select - Go to Previous Modifier-Subobject?

What you've done is great. A really useful feature has been overlooked though.

Is there any chance that you can add this to it or create a similar tool??:

- When deselecting then reselecting an object: it selects the same modifier and sub-object that was selected before you deselected the object.

(I hope that's not too confusing :))

ie. You're working on Object A in Edge mode of an Edit Poly modifier. You select a different object. You then reselect Object A and it instantly returns to Edge mode of the Edit Poly modifier.

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Шикарный скрипт!!!

Шикарный скрипт!!!

Лично для меня он стал находкой.

Теперь не надо заморачиваться с иерархией модификаторов. Навешиваешь на объект симметрии, турбосмусы и т.д., а при выделении попадаешь на нижний уровень (эдит поли). (По крайней мере, я его так использую)

Кстати кому интересно (и кто понимает русский) автор написал, что рекомендуемая версия 2010, но и в 2009 он великолепно работает.

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nice tool ;-)

nice tool ;-)

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Thank You. Exactly what I was

Thank You. Exactly what I was looking for. Very easy to use too..

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