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Jordan Walsh

v 2.9.02: Added Octane and extra Final Render Lights to On/Off and Multiply Right click Menu

v 2.9.01: Added Multiply option to ALL modify properties window. Can now multiply existing values by a chosen value

v 2.8.03 Fixed Save preset bug (for plugins like ky_trails)

v 2.8.02 Fixed ini file bug stopping wondow for opening a 2nd time

v 2.8.00 Added Exclude text field for filtering by name. Editing Refrence targets Tab now working!!! This means you can mass edit FumeFX object settings such as speed multipliers and other FumeFX and TP properties that were previously impossible to edit!

Edit ALL modifiers, ALL objects, ALL Materials, All Controllers, ALL Shadow types and ALL atmospherics/Render Effects. Work in max from a "Class-centric" way rather than a per object way. Edit thousands of object's parameters, randomize thousands of seeds, enable thousands of modifiers and more with a few clicks!

General Features (applies to all modifiers, controllers, materails, shadows, atmos and render effects):

MASS EDIT: Mass edit one property on all nodes at once, You can specify an absolute value, a relative value, apply an absolute value to modify, or multiply a value

MASS RANDOMIZE: Randomize one property on all nodes at once

SELECT/DELETE BY CLASS: Select all objects with a meshsmooth, or all spheres or all objects with a path constraint etc

FULL INSTANCE/REFRENCE TOOLS: Make all objects/modifiers of a class or selection instances. Make Base object refrences. replace base objects with another obj (eg make all selected boxes an instance of a vrax proxie.) Available for Modifiers and Base objects only ATM.

LOAD/SAVE PRESETS: Load and save presets in xml format for modifiers, objects, etc.

Specific Features (Can be done to All or selected):

Modifiers: Enable, Disable, Enable in viewport, Disable in viewport.

PointCache Modifiers: Set ranges, Set path, Flush path, Reload, Record.

FumeFX: Simulate, Load settings

Lights: Turn all, selected, selected classes on or off. Multiply all light vlaues.

Xref Object: Merge object

Materials: Show/Hide In Viewport:  Shows the material in the viewport. Doesnt work with texture maps yet.

Bitmap Gamma: Mass edit the bitmap load gamma settings. Choose auto or an overide value. Max 2014+

Spring Controller: Modifyspring controller settings (Needs its own section as springs are controlled differently with maxscript).

Merge Xref Controller:  Merges All/Selected controllers

Example of a property window:


RightClick Menu for Modifiers:


RightClick Menu for Base Objects:


RightClick Menu for Materials:


RightClick Menu for Controllers:

RightClick Menu for Atmospherics:

FumeFX Load Settings Dialog:


Light Multiplier Dialog:


Spring Controller Dialog:

Link Info: Inherit window:

 fR_Layer Settings window:


Additional Info: 

Download the 2013 version for 3dsMax 2013 and above.
Extract to 3Dsmax Dir.
Tool is located in the "Zorb Tools" category

Version Requirement: 
Written for 3ds max 2009 + . A max 8 version is available now.
Other Software Required: 
for less than 2009 AVG extentions may be needed
ModifierModifierZorb_v2_B_0.32 max8.rar19.48 KB
ModifierModifierZorb_v2.1.rar26.56 KB
modifiermodifierzorb_v2.9.02.zip409.88 KB
modifiermodifierzorb_v2.9.02_-_2013.zip413.67 KB


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fajar's picture

Maybe will be good if it

Maybe will be good if it have undo command in it (couse when I modify one modier and I press CTRL+Z it's doesnt undo the apllied properties) like when U rotate the modifier gizmo using this script.


fajar's picture

Wow Jordan, this is very big

Wow Jordan, this is very big script I ever met (300kb), do you so it for fun and pleasure!!? This script is very good I love to use it !

Jeff Lim's picture

coool! thanks for the

coool! thanks for the updates!
I took it for a quick spin, and noticed that the world units are not displaying on the spinners. (e.g. base object box - length, width, height)
I can't think of a way to detect whether a parameter is displayed in world units in the UI or not. (same goes for time related parameters..) :(
The update button definitely comes in handy. thanks!

Jordan Walsh's picture

Updated to v2.5.6: Added

Updated to v2.5.6: Added Loading and Saving of all modifiers, objects, materials
etc properties. Added an update button for the properties dialog

Also world units should show up properly now.. i think!! I also added an auto update functino thats seems to work some of the time, but you have to be editing the first node that the script find. (There is a button to select it if you want too!)

XML loading and saving adds the ability to manage presets for everything now!! Doest supportevery type of property, eg some material settings may not get saved. Let me know if you find anything you need s0looking at and I can fix it

Jordan Walsh's picture

I didnt find the .classes

I didnt find the .classes thing for ages. I was kind of wanting a getSUPERClassinstance function, and .classes gave it to me. Its still slower than I would like though :(

Jeff Lim's picture

> I used to use a recursive

> I used to use a recursive subanim routine to gather mats and controllers (scarily similar to yours!!!) but my new method is quicker and more accurite in most cases.

cool! I scanned your script and found that you're using getClassInstances (SUPERCLASS.classes) to collect the classes. I never knew about the .classes property! Thanks, learned something new from your script!

Looking forward to your updates! Laughing

Jordan Walsh's picture

Cheers Johnny! Ill work on

Cheers Johnny! Ill work on all that stuff pretty soon!

Yeah, the first time i ran it with pflow stuff in there I was supprised and happy too!!!!

JohnnyRandom's picture

Absolutely Badass script

Absolutely Badass script Jordan! It kinda freaked me out when I clicked on Base Objects and the list populated with all my particle flow operators :)

Totally agree with Jeff, a refresh button would be nice ;)

Jordan Walsh's picture

Thanks Jefferson,  Great

Thanks Jefferson,

 Great suggestions, I should realy mapworld unit types and time type properly. I only have integer and floats setup properly.

I used to use a recursive subanim routine to gather mats and controllers (scarily similar to yours!!!) but my new method is quicker and more accurite in most cases.

Thanks again for the suggestions... keep em coming!

Jeff Lim's picture

hi jordan! awesome script,

hi jordan! awesome script, very handy indeed! Smile

I just have a couple of sugguestions:

  • A refresh/update button for the property window.
  • A button to set/display spinners to type:#worldUnits.
  • A "T" checkbutton for time related values. Usefull for spinners that are displayed as time. (on an NTSC setting, a value of "1" in the max UI would display "160"on a maxscript spinner --- divide 160 by ticksPerFrame to get "1".)
  • Your property checkboxes are looking clean with the ":" (colon), but the spinners seems to be missing this presentability.
  • Just in case you're open to testing this out, you could try the recursive function I'm using for my old material/map floater script, I attached the broken down version of the function, it will basically just print all the material/map names in the scene.
AttachmentSize 683 bytes

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