Modifier Modifier Zorb

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Jordan Walsh

v2.7.05. Added support for parameters with no entries. Works with Thinkbox Frost again

v2.7.04. Added support for Corona Renderer Materials

v2.7.03. Dosen't save size and position if closed when minimized. v2.7.02. Added Maxwell material support

v2.7.01: A few UI bug fixes so the window will open the correct size and have valid settings on the first open

Edit ALL modifiers, ALL objects, ALL Materials, All Controllers, ALL Shadow types and ALL atmospherics/Render Effects. Work in max from a "Class-centric" way rather than a per object way. Edit thousands of object's perameters, randomize thousands of seeds, enable thousands of modifiers and more with a few clicks!

General Features (applies to all modifiers, controllers, materails, shadows, atmos and render effects):

MASS EDIT: Mass edit one property on all nodes at once, You can specify an absolute value, a relative value or apply an absolute value to modify

MASS RANDOMIZE: Randomize one property on all nodes at once

SELECT/DELETE BY CLASS: Select all objects with a meshsmooth, or all spheres or all objects with a path constraint etc

FULL INSTANCE/REFRENCE TOOLS: Make all objects/modifiers of a class or selection instances. Make Base object refrences. replace base objects with another obj (eg make all selected boxes an instance of a vrax proxie.) Available for Modifiers and Base objects only ATM.

LOAD/SAVE PRESETS: Load and save presets in xml format for modifiers, objects, etc.

Specific Features (Can be done to All or selected):

Modifiers: Enable, Disable, Enable in viewport, Disable in viewport.

PointCache Modifiers: Set ranges, Set path, Flush path, Reload, Record.

FumeFX: Simulate, Load settings

Lights: Turn all, selected, selected classes on or off. Multiply all light vlaues.

Xref Object: Merge object

Materials: Show/Hide In Viewport:  Shows the material in the viewport. Doesnt work with texture maps yet.

Spring Controller: Modifyspring controller settings (Needis its own section as springs are controlled differently with maxscript.

Merge Xref Controller:  Merges All/Selected controllers

Example of a property window:


RightClick Menu for Modifiers:


RightClick Menu for Base Objects:


RightClick Menu for Materials:


RightClick Menu for Controllers:

RightClick Menu for Atmospherics:


FumeFX Load Settings Dialog:


Light Multiplier Dialog:


Spring Controller Dialog:

Link Info: Inherit window:

 fR_Layer Settings window:


Additional Info: 

Extract to 3Dsmax Dir.
Tool is located in the "Zorb Tools" category

Version Requirement: 
Written for 3ds max 2009 + . A max 8 version is available now.
Other Software Required: 
for less than 2009 AVG extentions may be needed
ModifierModifierZorb_v2_B_0.32 max8.rar19.48 KB
ModifierModifierZorb_v2.1.rar26.56 KB
modifiermodifierzorb_v2.7.05_-_2013.zip355.5 KB
modifiermodifierzorb_v2.7.05.zip351.71 KB


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paolo242's picture

Vraylight error

When I try to edit just one vraylight at the same time with modifier zorb, it gives an error "--Unable to convert: undefined to type float."
Max2011 and vray 2.40.04
New file
1 vraylight
Open ModMod Zorb 2.7.05
Base object
Click twice on vraylight
And get the error...
With standard light everything is ok
With vrayambientlight is ok

Jordan Walsh's picture

Ok, fixed now. Sorry for the

Ok, fixed now. Sorry for the delay... planning a wedding kind of takes precedence ;)
Please let me know if this works.
All the best!!

Jordan Walsh's picture

Can you give me the exact

Can you give me the exact details on what you were changing when it happened?

Strob's picture

Ok thanks Jordan, I contacted

Ok thanks Jordan, I contacted Bobo about that too on the thinkbox forum.

Jordan Walsh's picture

Some times Max plugins do

Some times Max plugins do things in weird ways. I'll have to have a look at it with frost and the other thinkbox plungins.

Strob's picture

Frost and Zorb

When I try to edit many frost objects at the same time with modifier zorb, it gives an error "--Unable to convert: undefined to type float." Any idea why?

Jordan Walsh's picture

Im glad it could be of some

Im glad it could be of some use! Thanks for giving it a go

alteredgene's picture

Hi Jordan, thanks for your detailed response!

sorry about the late reply to your reply, think emails from script spot is being filtered by my email machine thing ; )

i actually tried your explained method as well, but had no luck.

however, what i realised (and now that i realise it, i can see how ZORB works lot better, and how much i love it!)

1. i actually thought i had to be on [modifers] tab to copy/paste modifiers.

however, i had to be on [base objects] tab to copy/paste modifiers, since i wanted to copy and paste to the base object, which actually makes perfect sense now that i figure it out.

thought i leave this comment incase others have similar questions as mine ; )

again! awesome script which i use alot of ; )

thanks so much for making my life easier!

3dbybrunolopes's picture

It gives a error...

It gives an error when I try to delete a map "normalmap" from a selection...

jsrocha's picture


Hi Jordan, how´s going?
is it possible to add the option to change sweep interpolation steps in the script?
thanks man,


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