Move Populate Files To Network Path

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If you have ever tried a network render using Populate characters, you've probably noticed that the textures are generated by Max and saved to a local folder on your computer. This isn't very helpful if you are trying to render over network.

This simple script copies the diffuse textures from all Populate people to a new folder you choose, then assigns the new path back to the material.

Additional Info: 

To Execute:

- From the File Menu, go to "MaxScript" > "Run Script" and select the MS file.
- OR.. just drag-and-drop the file into your viewport.


- Run the Script
- Choose a new path to host your Populate textures
- If you regenerate your Populate characters, you may need to re-run the script.

Known Limitations:

- Doesn't currently move paths for "Custom Skin" assignments. I'm assuming you've assign these from a path that's already reachable from over the network.

This is my first post, let me know if you find this useful or run in to issues.

movepopulatefilestonetworkpath.ms561 bytes


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NicolasC's picture

to be honest...

... I've only used Populate with distributed rendering a bunch of times, so I'm not sure I've got a definitive solution. I've tweaked the TEMP path directly in 3dsmax.ini, so that this modification is persistent. Then, each time Populate characters are generated, maps are placed in TEMP folder (for us, it's located on the server, like every other assets). That being said, I guss one has to edit 3dsmax.ini on every machine involved in network rendering ...
About 3dsmax cleaing the TEMP folder, really not sure !


J450N's picture

Temp Path

Nicolas, I hadn't seen that solution on the forums but it seems like this might just work, esp if you can make that path relative to your project. That way you don't have to edit the temp path every time you switch jobs, which I do multiple times a day.

It looks like more than just the Populate textures get saved to the temp path. Is there any down side to making the temp path project specific? Does Max ever clean the temp folder? If so when?

NicolasC's picture

Nice but ...

.. isn't it simpler to simply edit the TEMP path in 3dsmax.ini, so that the change is persistent ?


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