RappaTools v1.92

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RappaTools3 and RappaTools2 available... see new website: http://remusjuncu.com/rappatools/

See RappaTools3 PlayTime 02 Here  and RappaTools3 PlayTime 03 Here !

See and download RappaTools v1.99 here ! | also see RappaTools3 http://vimeo.com/20935321

New RappaTools v1.98 Beta Preview Video! | RappaTools v1.97 Beta Preview Video!
Old RappaTools v1.96 Beta Preview Video Part 2! and RappaTools v1.96 Beta Preview Video!

Go to http://remusjuncu.com/rappatools/ and donate to get the latest beta version or Just make a video and get the latest version... see more > remusjuncu.com/?blog/?2010/?11/?get-rappatools-now/ .

rappatools v1.92

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3ds Max 9+ (x64, x86)


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freaky's picture

dude, just found your script

dude, just found your script and want to say Thanks !! nice work!

RappyBMX's picture

hi, u want to add rappatools

hi, u want to add rappatools to the ribbon menu?
never played with the ribbon, i rarely use 2010,
can't u add the macro scripts from rappatools ?
also if u check the macro scripts you'll see what's
getting 'executed'... i would say to look at the v313.14
source code but that's irrelevant since the new versions
are rewritten... i'm planing another rewriting of rappatools,
for version 2 (so you don't have to keep it opened to use
stuff from it) but that's not going to happen very soon since
i don't have time because of college... also i don't think
i have the patience anymore to do that :) so that might
not happen at all... best, rappy

jinj's picture

hi, very very nice script

very very nice script thanks for sharing,
I had installed it on 2010 and it run well.
there is a way to ad rappatools short cut in the tab-bar.
I can't find a command to ad for the entire panel.
There is a work around how to do that?
can you post the code for the *.ms to ad this option
many thanks again

RappyBMX's picture

is the autostart checked

is the autostart checked because by default it is :) also when i released it, it had a bug with the autostart... i updated it 10min after i posted it :)

fajar's picture

I did check "Auto start" and

I did check "Auto start" and after I restart max , it wont auto start......
I dont know about what happen to yours but it happen to mine.


RappyBMX's picture

v1.92 - AutoStart toggle in


- AutoStart toggle in the rightclick menu.
- Uninstall/Remove in the rightclick menu.
- Fixed AutoHide Command Panel.

RappyBMX's picture

version 1.91 has timeslider

version 1.91 has timeslider toggler :) (autoupdate)

RappyBMX's picture

 what are you talking about

 what are you talking about ???

for extraRappa press E next to close X.



fajar's picture

Why I cant use

Why I cant use Ctrl+Shift+rmb fetarure for modeling in 1.8 Version!!?


Sorry for my bad.... I don't know that I must setup it my self, is that suppose to be automaticly done like the previous one? and where I can acces rappa tools stuff?

RappyBMX's picture

you can create your own

you can create your own quadmenu with the rappatools stuff... that's a predefined one :)... or you could assign a shortcut to it :)

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