RappaTools v1.92

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RappaTools3 and RappaTools2 available... see new website: http://remusjuncu.com/rappatools/

See RappaTools3 PlayTime 02 Here  and RappaTools3 PlayTime 03 Here !

See and download RappaTools v1.99 here ! | also see RappaTools3 http://vimeo.com/20935321

New RappaTools v1.98 Beta Preview Video! | RappaTools v1.97 Beta Preview Video!
Old RappaTools v1.96 Beta Preview Video Part 2! and RappaTools v1.96 Beta Preview Video!

Go to http://remusjuncu.com/rappatools/ and donate to get the latest beta version or Just make a video and get the latest version... see more > remusjuncu.com/?blog/?2010/?11/?get-rappatools-now/ .

rappatools v1.92

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3ds Max 9+ (x64, x86)


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fajar's picture

Hey Rappy I already sent you

Hey Rappy I already sent you a script I promise you yesterday , check your mail! and maybe you should change the picture Rappa script (relevan to current new one) here


cg_max_wu's picture

Thanks for your reply

Thanks for your reply !
---I'm so sorry to tell you , still the same error occur when i install the new version V1.6 and manualy install it in maxscript,it's still not working!
---I'm counting on you to help me!Thanks!

fajar's picture

Damn you are younger than me

Damn you are younger than me but you'll already in that scripting level, shame on me....hahahahaha

RappyBMX's picture

just finished high-school

just finished high-school (still 18 years old)... i just do this kind of stuff because i like it... and i started drawing recently... i wanna get into a design collage since it's the closest one to 3D stuff in romania...

yea post it and i'll take a look at it.

fajar's picture

O...now I know that I can't

O...now I know that I can't split up edge more than 4 is the bugs , I'll contact you but when I tried it again it can devide more than 4, strange huh?!.

Ok i'll give report or some suggestion after I finish my work...btw is your work (drawing stuff) already finish, look like you got some time!!? are you architect or animator (monster stuff modeling) or kind of like that?

Hey I already make this uv stuff, may be you can take look at it, if you want!! (but there's some bug), i'll attach tommorow, OK!


RappyBMX's picture

hey fajar... well the

hey fajar... well the interface a little bit different for the moment (i'll change it more) ... now you can devide an edge in more then 4 :)... fixed the quad problem when u remove rappatools... changed the code structure... that's pretty much it... now i'm working on version 1.7 :>... allready I added - to World. ctrl+shift: Move group selection to [0.0.0].
and changed - The Facade(button) to Union(button).

i'm going to add uv stuff to rappatools also... dunno if in version 1.7... and i'll divede it in two... the main rollout and the extra rollout :)...

got any suggestion let me know :)




fajar's picture

Hey Rappy, btw what's new

Hey Rappy, btw what's new for this script instead of performance tweaking? and you need to change the post title too...hehehehe, I thought theres no update for this script!


fajar's picture

I always feel eager to try

I always feel eager to try new version for this script!! I 'll try it tommorow, now is rendering time!

Thank Rappy.

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rappatools v1.6 it's out :)

rappatools v1.6 it's out :) just realeased it !


hi cg_max_wu, thats weird, try to open rappatools manualy.... in max go to Maxscript>Run... then run rappatools... the rappatools.mse file inside 3ds max/scripts/rappatools/rapaptools.mse...

also try the new version... if still not working let me know...



fajar's picture

When you release the

When you release the v313.16 ver.

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