RappaTools v1.92

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RappaTools3 and RappaTools2 available... see new website: http://remusjuncu.com/rappatools/

See RappaTools3 PlayTime 02 Here  and RappaTools3 PlayTime 03 Here !

See and download RappaTools v1.99 here ! | also see RappaTools3 http://vimeo.com/20935321

New RappaTools v1.98 Beta Preview Video! | RappaTools v1.97 Beta Preview Video!
Old RappaTools v1.96 Beta Preview Video Part 2! and RappaTools v1.96 Beta Preview Video!

Go to http://remusjuncu.com/rappatools/ and donate to get the latest beta version or Just make a video and get the latest version... see more > remusjuncu.com/?blog/?2010/?11/?get-rappatools-now/ .

rappatools v1.92

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3ds Max 9+ (x64, x86)


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fajar's picture

OK thank Im downloading

OK thank Im downloading now!!!

RappyBMX's picture

 hey fajar, ups  forgot

 hey fajar, ups  forgot about that...sorry... modified that right now... download the setup again :)



Remus 'RappyBMX'



fajar's picture

hey rappa !! thank again !!

hey rappa !! thank again !! may I already a noisen to you with the comment and thing!!I just want to ask about this release , is this version already made copy&paste to temp folder or still in C:/win-system?

by the I ask because in my country I dont have internet my own in my own house so I download it and try it later!!

I hope that not make you mad !!


fajar's picture

Thank for respon and the

Thank for respon and the link !

RappyBMX's picture

hey fajar, well rappatools

hey fajar,

well rappatools should autoupdate to v313.152 :) if not http://313designstudio.com/rappatools/RappaTools-v313.152.mzp


i can do that but the thing is when you have to diferent versions of max... u have max 2k9 and 2k8... and you wanna copy an object from 2k8 to 2k9 or u have max 2k9 x64 and x86 and you wanna copy an object from one to another it won't work using  thecopypastedir = getdir #autoback... i could just make it: "c:\windows\temp\" :)


glad it helps that's the point :D




fajar's picture

Hey remus excuse me but

Hey remus excuse me but where's I can grab this 313.152 beta version, I already looking in your site but i can find the link!!

thank's so much!!

and a little suggest may be would you mind to change the copy paste folder to autoback or else folder that not visble!!

maybe like this:
thecopypastedir = getdir #autoback

if you can`t just never mind this suggest!! your scripts already help so much!!

RappyBMX's picture

thanks radiosity80

thanks radiosity80 :)


-Explode to OneObj...ctrl!
-to Colors... save colors list, load colors list, delete colors list !
-more things to Loop.
-click > Loops.
-ctrl > Loops then shows the Chamfer dialog if when your in edge or vertex mode, if in poly will show the Bevel dialog.
-shift > Loops then enters chamfer mode for edge and vertex and for poly in bevel mode.
-alt > shows the Chamfer dialog for edge and vertex mode and for poly mode shows Bevel dialog.
-to R|Conn when u have 2 or more edges connect it will connect them, if you press ctrl it will loop then ring the connect.
-to A-SGs ctrl:Auto SmoothingGroups threshold:180.
- Expert mode bug.
- Dock mode !
- makeMultiMat... the new material was saved allways in the first material inside the editor...now it will be saved in the selected meditmat.
- The info text ( like: Please select something ! ) now will show up better.



radiosity80's picture

very good

very good

Sourpickles's picture

Hey Rappa I wrote you an

Hey Rappa I wrote you an email....wondering if you can take a look an see whats going on. Thanks man.

fajar's picture

did'nt see that !!! sorry

did'nt see that !!! sorry for my false!!! sorry!! sorry 4 troubling you too!! I should'nt do that !!

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