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refGuides is a tool for Autodesk 3Ds Max intended to improve and facilitate accurate modeling, particularly helpful for modeling architectural scenes Max, this tool allows to create construction lines guides, providing a measurement rule that can be used to accurately position and model objects .

Version Requirement: 
2013 - 2015
Other Software Required: 
.net framework v. 4.x
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Kurai's picture

Please help.

I noticed a few other people have my problem.

The Hag Toolbar is blank. It's in there but nothing happens when I click it.

What should I do. Thanks.

PS - I have just changed from Sketchup to Max and I have been having BIG problems constructing things without the SU Tapemeasure and construction lines.
If this works, it will be my most valubale script. Why Max has failed to do
this is a mystery. Copying what works from other software is not cheating, it's common sense beacause it benefits the user.

miauu's picture


My suggestions:
- add an option to place new guide without showing the UI and with the settings, used for the last created guide
- the protractor to be aligned not only to world XYZ. For example: pick 3 points to create and align the protractor
- the abbility to change the scale of existing guides/protractor
- when the guide is selected - press a button to show the scale of the guide(in separate UI or directly in the viewport)

Atelier Bump's picture

Tool Develepment.....

I'm currently short of time to finish. But I added some features and almost completely rewritten. I will upload a video demo.
new features:
- Transporter
- Intersections
I've been meaning to post for a small fee, because some functions are based on pure math and I took a little effort to put together.
I would like to know if the tool has enough interest to some ones to opt for buying it

Atelier Bump's picture

mzp fix

I didn't tested the package, sorry, uploading now fixed one.

mustafa mamdouh's picture

Very Interesting Script

Thanks I like the idea of having some tools similar to sketchup.. Please keep developing this script

thanks to scriptspot community

3dwannab's picture

Same problem

Hi, Thanks for the script. I had the same problem but I just edited the file inside the hag_guideline_beta.mzp and resaved the zip file

Replace all text with:

name "GuideLines" version 1.1
copy *.mse to $userScripts
copy *.mcr to $userMacros
copy *.bmp to $userIcons
copy *.ico to $userIcons
run "HAG_GuideLines_v*.mse"
clear temp

Atelier Bump's picture

new features comming

I've planned a new version (it's almost finished), with new features:

- general code optimization
- guides are now created in a new layer
- optional protractor for angles reference
- INTERSECTION POINTS between guides (creates a helper point for intersection snap)

knock_out's picture

Nice Script - A Few Suggestions

Great idea, and a big help for architectural designers.

The icon for the script isn't showing up for me, I've not tried the dark UI configuration that the example video shows, but I don't think that's the problem.

Please consider adding the following features:

1: Ability to auto-layer to a guide or ref layer (prevents changing layers just to add guide)

2: Ability to auto-freeze guides as they are added

and lastly, Thank You!

miauu's picture


Go to Customize - Customize User Interface - "HAG tools" category.
The script have to be there.

georgi91's picture

pls help

I've downloaded the beta, drag & dropped the .mzp in the max viewport (similar to other plugins/scripts installation), but I can't seem to find how to start the script itself... I couldn't see it in the customize user interface (hotkeys nor toolbars).

Please provide some info on how to install it.

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