refGuides [discontinued]

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refGuides is a tool for Autodesk 3Ds Max intended to improve and facilitate accurate modeling, particularly helpful for modeling architectural scenes Max, this tool allows to create construction lines guides, providing a measurement rule that can be used to accurately position and model objects .

Version Requirement: 
2013 - 2015
Other Software Required: 
.net framework v. 4.x
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3dwannab's picture

refGuides [discontinued] Are

refGuides [discontinued]

Are you stopping the development of this. Since when as a matter of interest?

luxxeon's picture

Very Very Useful...

... and something which should be native to 3dsmax, considering the dominant position 3dsmax holds in many archviz studios.

3dwannab's picture

No Problem

Just wasn't clear where to install it. I ended up moving the extracted files to the corresponding folders. Now I know you can install directly to C/:Users/tour_username/AppData/Autodesk/3ds max/max_version/ENU/..)


Atelier Bump's picture

Hi 3dwannab

- the installer gives the option to close 3ds max if its running, if you "ignore" the warning it doesn't close, but you will need to restart max after installation.
- the default install directory is in 3ds max user directory (C/:Users/tour_username/AppData/Autodesk/3ds max/max_version/ENU/..) this is for avoiding some permission issues I had under Windows 8.x
- I'm aware that maybe the installer is not picking the right directories in some cases, because of localization. I'm working on a solution, but it's not easy task because 3ds max does not provide any registry values listing the application directories.
Then again, I'm looking for a better solution (installing on default Program files directory and find a workaround for windows permissions, or different installation method)

If you have any problem installing, please send me a email to the contact address listed on the website.

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MSI Installer

I've bought the script, but there seems to be something strange happening with the installer. It doesn't allow/extract the files to C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2014\ but it does to the default folder that it picks itself (why is this folder not 3ds max defualt folder by defualt). I this had to manually move those files to the correct folders.

And 3ds max is closed for installation. Seems to be like it's a permissions thing.

Atelier Bump's picture

file updated

should work now, was an error in the .mzp package.
currently, the licensing system I implemented doesn't support a trial or test version.

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not installing

error occurred during install -
is demo limited to some features only - is any way to test it all before purchase?

Atelier Bump's picture

demo version

Demo version should be working now. Full version will be available soon (I expect to release it next week)
Sorry for the inconveniences.

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broken download link

broken DEMO link and innactive PURCHASE button
want to buy it

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I'm thinking on making a "manager tool" listing the guides and changing the scale...

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