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Simple script. Self explanatory really. See screen shot above. Script found under the category '3dwannab' (drag the .mzp file into the max window to see further instruction, if you added the icon please restart max to see it in the toolbar) also a script to allow toggling the Region with a keyboard shortcut.

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As requested by user 'Cyrus3v' here on the Corona forum (See I also wanted to write this for quite some time, thanks for the motivation 'Cyrus3v'.

For corona mostly but the core functionality of the script will work for any render engine.

May fully support VRay in the future. It's comes up with an error to two buttons which are associated only with the Corona Renderer.

As always I'd be happy to hear any feedback. 2nd script I have wrote. I'm a novice compared to some guys on here at this so if you find any bugs or suggestions please let me know.

The script remembers its position so if you find it useful enough place the UI where you want (works for multiple monitors) and place the .ms file in the startup folder.

Thanks - 3dwannab

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Tested on 2014 - Should be okay on 2010+
Other Software Required: 
Corona, VRay (Limited functionality)
regionrender_v2.0_by_3dwannab.mzp33.34 KB
v2 UI.jpg34.22 KB
3dwannab-regionrender_toggle.mcr234 bytes


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I suppose your right but I'm in the process of dev. a script. It has that functionality you speak of.. and a lot more things.

It's be released as soon as I'm happy with it and have enough spare time. It's be a paid script though , around 5-10EUR max. :)

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Hi, I found your script today and I have to say it's really nice to use :) Maybe stopRender() and showVfb() could be added, but in the end I made my own buttons anyway. Also here icons I made for RegionRender and Region_Toggle :


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Thank you!

Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted!

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Drag the 3dwannab-RegionRender_Toggle.mcr in max viewport...


...And then add a shortcut like normal

Look for category: "3dwannab" and assign a keyboard shortcut to RegionRender_Toggle - CTRL+T be be good for you, it is for me :)

3dwannab-regionrender_toggle.mcr 234 bytes
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Thanks for this script! One question: is it possible to add possibility to assign keyboard shortcut to the "Region (on/off)" function?

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Eek: Thank you very much. :)

Eek: Thank you very much. :)

/ Raymond

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Eek: If you have something

If you have something similar to this, but for VRay. Please post the Code ;)
It would have been handy to have. Maybe post the script as a new script here at scriptspot?

Nice script. I have not used corona for a long time. But i installed it yesterday. i will try this out with the Corona Alpha 7.1 when i got some time. I loved corona last time i used it, but we mainly use VRay at work so that's why i haven't used it for a while. But for "refurbishment of my house" corona is ideal and a very fast render engine to get quick results and see how it's going to look like :D

/ Raymond

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Dude, take it easy! All i said is that i have something similar to your script but for vray.
I didn't download your script to compare the code. I don't use corona engine :P
I have not accused anyone of anything.

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Do you suggest I downloaded that script and simplified it?

well, I've loooked at that code and actually used that script and IMO it's broken for toggling the region of the viewport PLUS this is mainly for corona, NOT for VRay. The script is written from scratch (If you bothered to look at the code)

Don't come here accusing me of plagiarism and suggesting another script on here for doing the same thing when it's not.

Again if you read the description above, it would clearly says it's for CORONA mostly.

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