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Blazej Kowalski

This script will place your Render Element files in named subfolders according to where the main pass is stored.


Render path is set to - c:\blabla\bla.png

There are 3 render elements set, like: specular, shadows, zdepth etc.

path for render elements will look like:


In v2.0 multiple render Elements error corrected.

Now if you have for example 2x multiMatteElement or more, just set different name for those multi Elements like: MultiMatteElement_1, MultiMatteElement_2... etc and everything should work fine now.

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to install, run the script and go to, customize -> Toolbars -> Category -> Super_oko -> drag REtoFolders on to chosen toolbar.

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renderelements_to_separatedir_v1.ms1.45 KB
renderelements_to_separatedir_v2.ms1.37 KB


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Thanks for comment. I've

Thanks for comment. I've noticed it too. Now I had a few free minutes and I changed the code. Now it should work fine, but still You have make sure that multiply render elements have unique names Like: MulitMatteElements_1, MulitMatteElements_2... etc

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almost nice

Hi, nice idea !! in Maya it is already possible to render the Vray Render Elements into sub folders. The script is having problems with multiple MulitMatteElements. It creates only one folder even though I have two or more MulitMatteElements. There is only one MulitMatteElements folder :/

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Hi. Sorry for the delay,

Hi. Sorry for the delay, didn't noticed that someone even tried this stuff. I'm guess that you are using Vray with Vray Frame buffor selected. It's kind of shitty old relict of chaos group which overwrites all File path render settings. So even if You set other directories it will always save file where is path set in Vray Buffor. Just don't use Vray Fram Buffor with this script.

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i dosent work

im running max 2012 and all it dose is creating sub folders without saving the renders them selves into the folders ...

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Good stuff

This is fantastic man, thanks! This is something that should be built in by default. This is good stuff.

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