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Alexander Kramer (Track)

Utility for Developer. Main Features:

  • Loading the .Net Objects from .NET Framework Class Library.
  • Search for .Net Objects with the desired properties.
  • Load to the list of dependent .Net Objects.
  • Fiilter the list by name the .Net Object.
  • Convenient copying.
  • The built-in note-book.

Adds support for 3ds Max 2008

Adds Search TextBox
Fixes issues with garbage collection (only in max 2010)

Replacing the Combobox to DataGridCombobox for solving issues with garbage collection (including 2008 and 2009 3dsMax)

Fixes issues the"Combobox" with Garbage collector - now you can use one version in any 3ds Max Version (See more on
Adds the ability to show properties for global variables (for example: you can make global variable MyListView in your script and check then properties in utility)
Adds the ability to dynamically search for text
Adds the ability to Execute selected text (You can found this in right-click menu)

3d models
FilePathFinder-for search, relink, collect, sort and rename asset filles...

Additional Info: 

Archive include two version of script:
"" for 3dsmax 2010
"" for 3dsmax 2008 and 2009

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2008 and above


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Are there any directions on how to use this. I ran the script and the dialog popped up. I selected in the first drop down. Then selected System.Windows.Forms.Button in the second drop down and nothing shows or happened.....?

John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

Kstudio's picture

Hi! Maybe you mean

Maybe you mean this

contextMenu = dotNetObject "System.Windows.Forms.ContextMenuStrip"
contextMenu.RenderMode = contextMenu.RenderMode.Professional
fajar's picture

I just want to ask alex, is

I just want to ask alex, is max 9 posible doing right click using dotNet like in your screen shoot, I mean like white background and grey space like ?

TecArt252's picture

NICE SCRIPT, Thanks much!


Thanks much!

MarTroYx's picture

"Nice windows Theme :)" it's

"Nice windows Theme :)"
it's not mine but I like it very much and it's one of the few that work well with 3dsmax, so I keep it preciously :-)

Thank for the update, I'll check this out,

Kstudio's picture

Fixes - now your can download

Fixes - now your can download latest version from above link.
Thanks for screen shot.
Nice windows Theme :)

MarTroYx's picture

I wasn't able to reproduce it

I wasn't able to reproduce it until I hit the save button ... every time you hit save a new copy is added to the combobox ... but that's no big deal :-)

screen_001.jpg 126.36 KB
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Thank for bug-report

Thank for bug-report Martin.

I fixes issue with LinkLabel, but i can not find error with Combobox.

Please post screenshot with this error.

MarTroYx's picture

Thank track, yes there's not

Thank track, yes there's not that many tool for .net in maxscript there's some :-)

I started a tool like your sometime ago but my goal was more some kind of reflector ... don't know if it's possible from maxscript but I certainly give it some more try when I get some time :-P


MarTroYx's picture

Great update :-) here's two

Great update :-)

here's two little glitch I noticed while testing it :

-sometime I get duplicate from the assembly combobox ... I'm still not sure under which circumstance it happen through!
-the link at the bottom appear centered at bottom and only half visible with white background ... maybe it's my skin causing that through :-)


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