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Vugar Naib

Hi All!

This is my first full-length script, and i hope that it will prove useful.

Best regards.

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Update 03-11-2010
Now script warns of the error.


1. Select the desired objects and click on "Get Cars To Array"
Note! These objects should be solid.

2. Select the desired path and click on "Spread Cars"
Note! In addition to the flow of moving objects the script also adds a layer
into the layer manager for easy selection of the flow.

3. To change any settings, select the flow in the layer manager,
enter the desired value, and click the "Reset Cars"

Note! Script warns of the error, but if some actions returns error
i recommend to restart

FP Rand - Random positioning value within the distance between objects in parallel to the flow (in percentage).

WP Rand - Random position value perpendicular to the flow.

4. To replace objects in the flow matrix, select desired objects, press on "Get Cars To Array" then select traffic and press on "Reset Cars"

Flip Follow - Changes the direction of the flow to opposite.

Flip Cars – Reverses the objects in the flow on 180 degrees.

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3ds Max 2008 +
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VN_Simple_Traffic_v1_edit2.rar63.37 KB


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Theobarbosa's picture

Nice Script! I´m just having

Nice Script! I´m just having one problem:

"You must select the flow to reset cars"

But I can find flow in layer explorer (3ds 2020).


babusuresh8055's picture

addnode in undefined error in maxscript


I have house creator scipt to create 3d floor plan.
For the very first its works well.
If i used for second time it got error d as (Unknown property:"addnode: in undefined )
Do you knew where i did the mistake.
Can you Please solve out for me.

3D_Animator's picture

Thanks for your interest!!!

Thanks for your interest!!!

hanselmoniz's picture

Awesome script.. ive found a good turnaround though

Thanks. its a great script anyways.. nowadays i use civil view which has got a good option to animate vehicles with rotating wheels here you can use a multi-spline shape only you should have your vehicle as a editable poly and the wheels should have material id 14 and 15... this works for simple animations though and not forked networks or vehicles in the same lane with varying speeds.... for complex networks it is better to use the vissim ani.txt sim output from vissim or sim file from quadstone paramics

Thanks and kind regards

lordraidis's picture

wheel turning alternative...

I noticed something that might help-- though it's true that the script indeed does NOT rotate the wheels geometrically, the same look can be achieved by simply rotating the wheel texture based on the average speed of the vehicles. I did this for a test and it looks quite great :)

3D_Animator's picture

My dear friend hanselmoniz =)

My dear friend hanselmoniz!
This script makes the animation of traffic for long-range plan which are not visible to the rotation of the wheels =)

For rotating a wheel use Ant Traffic Simulator


hanselmoniz's picture


I use this script for vehicles as well as people.... There are only two problems i face with it.. one if you want to merge/delete something it gives errors. Two the vehicles move fine but the wheels do not rotate..So it cannot be used for animations

3D_Animator's picture

I have many ideas for this script, but...

I have many ideas for this script, but at the moment i worked hard, and i don't have free time for upgrade this script.

hanselmoniz's picture

Awesome script

The Script is very useful. It would be excellent however if we could have rotating wheels too. Just like civil view functionality

zules's picture


Hi !

Nice script thank you ! But I got an error as : "--Unknown property: "addnode" in undefined "

Any idea where it comes from ?

By the way, when I try to use it it also sometimes spread my poly all around and not along the selected spline... Any advice about the pivots pints and where they have to be ? When I reset them (on poly + spline) I got the error I writted first...

Thank you !

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