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The sketchfab publisher exports your model to sketchfab, an online platform to display 3d-models in a webgl environment.

Models are exported as an obj-file and sent over http to sketchfab. This all happens multithreaded, so you can keep working while your models upload. You first need to make an account on sketchfab and get the api-token to be able to upload. The token comes standard with any account.

Check out my blog for instructions on installing the script, using the script and on some examples on the supported features. Also check out sketchfab and create your account!

Additional Info: 


  • implements sketchfab API V2
  • faster and more stable uploads
  • doesn’t create a thumbnail anymore, sketchfab does this for you


  • streamed uploads
  • progressbar
  • improved compatiblity with older maxversions (yet to be confirmed)


  • a temp-folder is created by the script if needed
Version Requirement: 
written in 3ds Max 2012
Other Software Required: 
account on
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grabjacket's picture

Hi Asymptote, the warning

Hi Asymptote,
the warning about the thumbnail is "normal". I've had it all the time but since it doesn't break the script or the thumbnail I'm just ignoring it.
I saw your messages about the transparency. I'm talking to the developers soon and will ask if and when they're going to support it.
Thanks for all the feedback!

asymptote's picture

Yes, putting the token in the

Yes, putting the token in the .ini fixed it.

The only error is about the thumbnail....

Number of files: 4
Sending scene to Sketchfab
8796 ms
memory 13642264L
warn: can't process thumbnail
id: 4wHehxdpJvIAJ6lFNoCqb33esHk
success: true

But actually it does process the thumbnail, and it appears correct in Sketchfab.

I do remember having problems with a script not being able to create a folder a while back, but I lost patience with it and never actually figured it out.
I'm using Win 7 64 and I think it was a permissions issue.

Thanks again, putting models on the web has never been easier, and Sketchfab is a great platform.

grabjacket's picture

Hi Asymptote, thanks for the

Hi Asymptote, thanks for the feedback.

I'll fix the issue with the zip asap. The script itself should create that folder of course. I'll have a look at the token-storage as well. There's one issue with the token-field in the script. If you copy/paste the token from the sketchfab-website into the token-filed in the script, you need to press enter to have it actually stored. I'll think of something for that, but for now you could try to do that. Alternatively you could paste the token directly into the ini-file. The ini-file is located here:

iniPath = (getDir #userscripts) + @"\KlaasTools\Sketchfab\sketchfab.ini"

Just paste the token-value in the appropriate place and see if the script works in max 2010

asymptote's picture

Yeah, forget about the

Yeah, forget about the privacy thing, this is one cool setup, I've been playing with it all day.:) and now I have the publisher working it's even better.

You were right, I couldn't find the ~zip.tmp file, so I created a temp folder on my C: drive and the script now works, and the ~zip.tmp file is where it should be.

Works flawlessly in Max 2012 64, but in Max 2010 64, I get this error....

Number of files: 4
*** -- Runtime error: dotNet runtime exception: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden. ***
Sending scene to sketchfab
4672 ms
memory 2954344L

This as you pointed out is related to the token, I notice in Max 2010 the token doesn't get saved when the script is run, whereas in 2012 it does. Maybe has something to do with it ?

thanks for the help and the script.

grabjacket's picture

Hi Asymptote, I agree about

Hi Asymptote,
I agree about the fact that it's a problem all models are public. I'm assuming however, and you confirm that, they're working on a private system.

About your error: in the end the error message you've sent me by mail states that you don't have access to the server (*** -- Runtime error: dotNet runtime exception: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden. *** ). This may be caused by a faulty token. Please check the token you've entered into the script to make sure it's ok.
Secondly the error message maybe suggests there's a problem when zipping the export. The script creates a list of all the files which need to be zipped and stores this list on your drive. The list is then used by the max zip program. You could take a look if the list exists. It should be here: "C:/temp/~zip.tmp". If maxscript can't access this location, the script will break.
Could you check this out?

asymptote's picture

After a bit of checking

After a bit of checking private accounts will be available soon.

I've tried in Max 2010 64 and 2012 64 but get this error message:

MAXScript dotNet event handler Exception: -- Runtime error: No method found which matched argument list

asymptote's picture

Forcing you to display

Forcing you to display publicly will be the main reason for me not to use Sketchfab, It's a shame, with this script it looks a very quick and streamlined process. Hopefully in the future they will provide private accounts.

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