Spline Rope

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not working

for some reason controller moves with points but spline does not

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Correction: the version on your website is not working in 2017!

Ok - I just downloaded the .MSE from here in ScriptSpot and this version works fine.

The version I had previously was downloaded directly from your site and it appears to be an older version which does not work with Max 2017.

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Not working in 2017

Hey there, not able to get this to function correctly in 2017 (sp 3).

Script loads up fine, am able to select the spline I want to work with, but on clicking 'Set Control' the helper doesn't appear to be linked to anything and just moves independently of everything.

When I delete the original, close the script and try to run it again I get the error described by Solimatorko.
In one instance it caused Max to crash completely.

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ray cast collision from each vertex

If you could make this stick to surfaces (like zbrush ) it would make my week.

many thanks :)

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Наикрутейшая вещь! Только при

Наикрутейшая вещь! Только при использовании скрипта в анимации, на пойнтах создаются лишние кадры =( и сплайн отвязывается после закрытия/открытия сцены.

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can you adapt so it sticks to objects

hey, just realised, how can you adapt the script so it "sticks" to objects, or has collision detection, like select a table and floor so it behaves like a wire cable, with somesort of gravity.. like for easy making of cables, or maybe there is something like that already out .. also this would be a similar behaviour to some zbrush brush tools..

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Illegal cycle

Hi, i'm using max 2013 student version and I'm still getting "Illegal self-reference in controller script Illegal cycle" when try to generate set Control points. Do you have any suggestions to solve this ? Am I doing something wrong I just drag and drop the script into the viewport, draw simple line, pick the line and click set Control and then error has appeared.
Edit: this is from Script Controller under Expression tab

setknotpoint sp 1 1 $sp_pnt1.position.controller[1].pos

updateshape sp


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Hehe, nice, now if only it

Hehe, nice, now if only it could understand other objects and got deformed with them..

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Ок. I will try to fix it)

Ок. I will try to fix it)

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Can you fix this?

Hi, this is funny and great tool thank you for share it.

I have a suggestion to make this better.

you have used "$sp_pnt2" command for get the controller points it causes break the links when points have renamed.

you can use this command to add node and then name of the point controllers will not be matter any more.

.AddNode "sp_pnt2" $sp_pnt2

result => sp_pnt2 will be you node even if renamed ;)

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