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Lorne Brooks

A panel containing many functions for creating point or dummy helpers.

Features include...

- The ability to add helpers to a selection of objects.

- The ability to add helper to subobject faces, based either on direct selection or named selection sets.

- A shared size setting used throughout all creation methods.

- Point helper style toggles.

- Many methods of creation such as origin, surface, object pivots, picked verts.

- You can duplicate an existing hierarchy with new helpers or Bone System, or even a key baked hierarchy.

- The ability to add constraints to the added helpers to follow the selection, or have a selection constrained to follow the added helpers.




Version 1.3;
- Duplicating a hierarchy now uses a namespace identifier in the new hierarchy to allow for multiple duplications of the original. Also, duplication now links nodes properly - matching the original hierarchy structure.

Version 1.2;
- Contact email changed.

Version 1.1;
- When using the AddHelpers method the point sizes will now use the Size setting and their colours set to red. Also the
new points and dummies will have their respective prefix's added (PT_ or DUM_). The checkbutton will now disable when
the create helper is right-click cancelled. Autogrid will now work as a toggle during helper creation.

Version 1.0;
- First release.


Additional Info: 

The script can be found in category “LB Tools”.


Drag the MZP file into your Max viewport.

Files will be copied to...




Version Requirement: 
3dsmax 2008-2015
lbtools_helper_manager.mzp12.54 KB


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Re: A bug?


I've improved how the duplication works. The duplicated hierarchies are now created with an identifier in the name... e.g. PT_Dup-1_Box001, PT_Dup-2_Box001 etc.

Also there was a problem with the linking of them, which should be fixed now.

Lorne Brooks

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A bug?


When duplicating a hierarchy, get different results depending on the order you select de original rigg.

Create bones: On
Click on 'Duplicate a Hierarchy'

If you select the original bones starting from the root, you get the right result: The new hierarchy replicates the original one by one.
If you select the same all original bones from the viewport, the hierarchy stops at certain point.
All bones are created, but some not linked to any bone.

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Thank you for the script, and make it .ms, and not .mse
that let me edit some code to change the name of the bones created.
Very useful!

lbrooks's picture

Re: installation

Thanks for the tip.

I've replaced it now with the MZP format.

Lorne Brooks

miauu's picture


Why you not make an installer for your scripts?
No need to install all files manually, when a simple .mzp installer can do it automatically.

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