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Copitor allow you to quick copy/paste selected objects to another Max scene or in another Max if you have 2 3dsMax opened. I also like to use it like as a "quick backup" for try something, and to be sure to loose nothing :)

Installation: Drop The file in max viewport and go to Customize ==> Customize User Interface ==> Category: zOffTy Tools ==> Copitor

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Max 8


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Made a few Changes.

Hi ! Thank's for your Script, we use it a lot here and i made a few modifications, So i post them here if someone wants it.

-Hide the grid for the preview, but put it back if was here before.
-Center the viewport to selection to make the capture.
-Change paste option to Auto-rename if Object Using the same name are already into the paste scene.
-Add a Fifth Slot
-Add a Clear All Slots Button
-Add a spinner to choose How Many slots you want
-Add a Refresh Button when working with several Max Scene in the same time, and copitor is already open in both.
-Make the floater Dockable + remind last dock positions + last number of slots choosen when re-opening it.

Thanks for making your code open !

flopitor.mcr 12.32 KB
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Это самый часто используемый мной скрипт. Спасибо.

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could be nice to have option

could be nice to have option like in merge tool : rename object or material name,... sometime it is a bit dangerous to paste in a file.

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Must-have tool...

Many thanks for this one !!

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hi @obaida @amisima, Thanks


@obaida @amisima, Thanks ;)

@kyle108: weird..What is your Max version?

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seems like after using

seems like after using copitor once, if i close and reopen the menu it appears blank with no buttons. is anybody else having this issue?

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Thank you

Thank you very much "zOffTy" its important script . and thank you again for making it open source , so for that I modified it to add clean button (By holding SHIFT and pressing on image button) it will reset (paste button) and (delete the photo and max file) .

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Great :)

Thank you for this! And another thank you for the source :) I've added "saveAsVersion:2011" at the end of "saveNodes" and now i can move stuff between 2011 and 2012 seamless :) Maybe it's a good idea to build those in :) Best regards

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Thanks all :)

@omid3098, weird :/ Have you deleted all files in your #autoback folder?

@Barbiturat, mmmh I've not planned to add a clear button

@titane357, you can keep the grid if you want, just edit the script and comment these lines:
--viewport.setGridVisibility 1 off -- Cache la grille, cest moche!

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Unknown system exeption

it seems there is something wrong here:
just copied a model from my scene and pasted into another clear scene.
it was working, but today I can not make it work any way.
I guess it may be related to scene units, because first time this happened was this difference. or maybe I'm wrong :-??
here is what listener says:

"I'm a virgin button !"
"I'm a virgin button !"
"I'm a virgin button !"
-- Error occurred in Pasteselected1.pressed(); filename: C:\Users\Consul1\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2011 - 64bit\enu\UI\usermacros\zOffTy Tools-Copitor.mcr; position: 3321; line: 64
-- Frame:
>> MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception: -- Unknown system exception <<

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