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Object Randomizer (2011-05-06)

44 votes

This script allows users to randomly rotate, scale, and move the selected objects with the choice of relative or absolute.

The icons are also in the rar folder.

All in one Randomizer - QRandom

2 votes

QRandom is an all in one random tool. Please see the UI to know its functionality. Thank you for using my script. Hope if this help your work. Love to see your comments and feedback.

pX LocoRandomizer

41 votes

Randomize multiple object properties is something useful, but the randomizer I found in the internet they always randomize only position/rotation/scale.
Then I was working creating this plugin to randomize every property or parameter from multiple objects.


Material randomizer

15 votes

With this script you can randomize materials over selected objects, you can also temporary store aranged materials to three memory slots.

- picking materials from material/map browser
- 2click on material to delete it
- shift+click on store button to store material list
- click on store button to restore material list

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