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miauu's Materials Reducer

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Proxy Textures

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Proxy Textures 3dsMax plugin - banner

Quickly optimize your textures for viewport performance and fast rendering!



Proxy Textures is a 3dsMax plugin to automatically create low resolution versions of your textures, to speed up your work on heavily loaded scenes.

Crude Biped Key Reduction

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This will dismantle that wall of motion captured key frames into something more manageable. It’s not the most sophisticated of algorithms. But, it gets the job done and leaves you with nicely lined up key-poses. To use simply:


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Reduces the keyframes on animation controllers while maintaining overall animation.

Best when used on animation controllers that have been baked out on every frame.


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For each object in your selection a proOptimzer modifier will be applied and calculated to the percentage you specify.


Once applied and you can update the spinner in the UI and see your objects update in real-time.



Follow Them

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Follow Them was developed in order to help Game Developers work with more complex animations by reducing render calls. What script does, is to track listed objects' motion in Points and then attach all geometries into one and skin the new object with these Points.

Reduce Transform Keys

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This is not my first attempt at writing max script, I've hacked a ittle around the edges with adding custom attributes - Thanks PEN - but this is my first attempt at a useful/functional tool.

Reduce Your Transform Keys is designed to strip away all the transforms that don't do anything.

By default the range is set to your current animation range but you can confine the key pruning to a specific region for your timeline.

I don't like losing the key a frame 0 so I added a radiobutton to add one and ...

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