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Alaa Alnahlawi

This tool is for adding details for your fractured model's internal faces , cracks and so on. It offers a built in solution for doing so without the need of external plugins by using 3ds max default modifiers in a clever and systematic way.

I've tried this tool on most of the possible scenarios and it worked fine with no problems, in case you have a big amount of chunks you need to be patient because it take sometime.

I would like to advise you to filter your selection and exclude the small frags from your selection because they are gonna prelong the processing time without adding much to your final render result, I use select by size script for this wich can be found here:

Instructions: The way it works is by using volume select modifier so you need to have the original mesh before fragmentation took place or an approximate mesh of it. a couple of steps to follow:

- pick your mesh

- select some frags for the sake of testing

- hit make it noisy and adjust the parameters to your liking once you are satisfied with the result hit R (rest) and move to the Bake it section in this section you have two options:

- (With Noise mode) this will bake the same result you achieved in Visualize section to your selection. When you hit this button you're still able to control the Fallof, Noise scale and strength but not the Subdevide plz be carefull, because this will change the vertex order and ruin the result.

- (Displacement mode) where you are going to define a vertex selection that is going to transfer into a vertex color once you hit (bake verts color) button.

- Finally you have the material section in case you used the vertex color method this button is going to create a material with displacement and bump for your selection.

-The emergency section has two buttons in case something went wrong and the script crashed:

-You are still able to delete all the modifiers that have been added by this script, simply select your frags and hit Restore Selection.

-And also if the modifier panel stopped working you will hit Resume Modify panel.

Note: please save your scene before trying this tool it stills at early stages and need more improvements, and if you faced any issue don't hesitate to report it.

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was tested on (2013-2015) it should work with no problem with earlier versions, because it only uses common 3ds max modifiers.
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If your question how to feed

If your question how to feed it to the tool, this is achieved by pressing the ( mesh) and picking the object you want your frags to be affected by.

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how to select the volume mesh

how to select the volume mesh on the fragmented objects..?

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You are most welcome.

You are most welcome.

FR_dZastrX's picture

What I did not understood

Thanks to your answer Alaa, I understood I had to create two different meshes :
I was using the "Volume Selector" modifier instead of an other mesh.
I watched the tutorial video, but as I was doing this mistake at the very start of the process, the tutorial did not help :P
Thanks again,
Kind of Regards !

Alaa alnahlawi's picture

Hi Fabrice, Sorry abit late

Hi Fabrice,
Sorry abit late reply, Strange thing is happening here.
if you followed the tutorials and steps you shouldn't face any problem.
This message appears if the object you used as a volume mesh is among
the selected objects you are trying to apply the noise to.
So you have to pick an object to work as a volume mesh first, then
select your stone for example and hit make it noisy.

I'm not sure that 3ds max version has anything to do with the error.

If you still have a problem plz share your file let me check it.

FR_dZastrX's picture

Trying in vain with Max2012

Hi, Mr Alnahlawi,

Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful tool with us all and for free.

However, I have to mention I have an issue while using it with my own version of Max (2012 x64) : Once a Volume Selection is done on top of "Editable Mesh" in the stack, whatever is the part of the selected mesh, if I click on "Make it Noisy" I have the message :
"Make sure your Volume is not in the selection"

I tried many different meshes and selections but it systematically says that and I don't even understand what that means (?) Please, may you consider confirming this might be a bug, or, otherwise, helping me a bit to figure what I am doing the wrong way ?

Kind of Regards,

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You r welcome Sedif.

You r welcome Sedif.

Alaa alnahlawi's picture

Yup I'm masking by selection

Yup I'm masking by selection or the vertex color, ID will cause unnatural results.
This way you can extend the noise effect even to the outer faces in a gradual way.
enjoy it :)

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Very Creative

Thank you for that, its a nice script!

amartinez1660's picture

Got it!

Sorry, playing further with it saw how the falloff actually works.


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